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GRADES / Elementary (Grades K-4), High School (Grades 9-12), Middle School (Grades 5-8)
PLATFORMS / Web Browser

Online game that teaches computer programming to kids



CodeMonkey is an online game for young students to learn coding. The game teaches coding through step-by-step tutorials within a number of levels. Parts of CodeMonkey are available for free, but users must pay to access more advanced curriculum.


CodeMonkey is an online game for students to learn coding in a step-by-step and fun manner. CodeMonkey was created to engage students in coding curriculum, and to give teachers a coding curriculum they can use with little to no coding knowledge themselves. The product is designed for elementary and middle schools students.


Students sign in to their accounts and immediately begin using CodeMonkey. CodeMonkey is divided into levels; the goal of each is to guide the monkey to collect all of the level’s bananas. The screen is divided in half; one half shows the code written and possible commands to choose from, while the other shows the results of that code on the characters.

Each level in the game presents a different coding challenge. Early levels teach basic commands, while later levels ask students to combine commands and be more creative with their coding. All concepts are introduced clearly by the program before students attempt to combine it with previously learned concepts.

A map of all levels allows students to return to any previously completed lesson. Students can also see a graph of the number of solutions they have created over time. Students can share their coding solutions and build their own challenges for others to solve.

Teachers can track individual students’ progress through levels, and see individual students’ solutions to coding challenges.


CodeMonkey is a browser-based tool that requires access to the internet to use.


Individual users can access the first 30 levels for free. Several pricing plans are available:

  • "Super teacher:" Access to a CodeMonkey certification and upgraded classroom management abilities. - $49/year
  • Home full: One year access to all CodeMonkey levels - $39/year/child
  • Home School: One year access to all CodeMonkey levels, one group with up to 5 students - $129/year/5 students


As of July 2014, CodeMonkey was being used by over 1,000 students. The company has partnered with Pearson Education to measure efficacy in the classroom.


Case Studies2
Diane, @dowbiggin
Director of Learning, Innovation and Design (9-12), The Harker School, California

We have a rich and vibrant computer science program, and a requirement that our high schoolers take at least one semester of computer science. Students who take the course I teach do so to avoid taking programming. But I know how important it is for them to at least be exposed to the concepts of programming, and I also hope to change their perception of both the field of computer science and the skill of programming. My students live and go to school in Silicon Valley, and I don't want them to close any doors to future success because they don't perceive themselves as being able to code. So my primary problem was to find a tool I could use to teach my hard-to-reach students how to program that would be very approachable, easy for the to use, and fun. I knew that many tools out there aimed at beginning programmers would be suited more for young children. But my students are sophomores, juniors, and seniors. I also have a lot of female students. I needed a tool that would engage them and not "talk down to" them.

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Summit Reflections 16
Tommy full starfull starfull starfull starfull star
Ed Tech Coordinator/Tosa. School Type: High School, Other, High ELL Population, Low Income Population, College Prep School, BYOD Devices

It needs lesson plans for less techy teachers. It could be longer It needs a way for...

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"Teacher/School Full" - 12 Months access for a specified number of students (min. 15) and their unlimited number of teachers.
Can be purchased by Teacher, School Leader, or District Administrator.


This product is accessible via a web browser -- Optimized for mobile browsers




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