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CAPIT Reading

CAPIT Reading

by Capit Learning

GRADES / Pre-K, Elementary (Grades K-4)
PLATFORMS / iPad App, Web Browser

iPad reading curriculum focused on sounds & spelling patterns


Capit is an app that guides teachers and students through animated lessons on letters, sounds, and basic words. It provides teachers and students with a library of guided lessons, e-books, and mnemonic songs for review and memorization of introductory language arts concepts. Student progress through assigned lessons are reported back to teachers for assessment. Capit is available for purchase.


Teachers begin using Capit by signing up and logging in to their teacher portal. From their teacher portal, they then enter in information for each of their students. Once completed, they begin using Capit’s teacher-guided lessons from the lesson menu. Capit can be used by a teacher to facilitate teaching the entire class at once, or by students to complete lessons individually. The teacher-guided lessons walk teachers and students through a series of animations that introduce letters, sounds, and basic words. Teachers use the interface to change the colors of letters, press the ‘speaker’ button to have the sounds of letters and words pronounced, and drag and drop individual letters to create words. To progress through the lesson, teachers click on the ‘check’ icon in the bottom right of the screen. Teachers can have students review by playing mnemonic device songs or do class read alouds by going through one of Capit’s Zippi books.

Students use Capit by opening the app at their desks and completing the self-guided lessons or reading Zippi books. Progress through the lesson is monitored and sent back to the teacher’s portal for assessment. While students are completing self guided lessons, teachers can walk around and assess students as well. All Capit curriculum teacher guided lessons and student self-guided lessons are organized the same way.

Teachers can purchase coinciding mnemonic toys for student use as well.


Inquiries about pricing can be made on Capit’s website.


As of February 2016, almost ten PK-2nd grade teachers are using Capit.  


Case Studies1
Kindergarten teacher, California

I was searching for a digital product that teaches phonics but is not a game. Games are
cute, but they do not replace a curriculum. The core ELA program I use is good, but its
phonics component is lacking. I was searching for a phonics program that is
comprehensive, easy to use and is not distracting. A comprehensive program should
take kiddos from letter recognition through blending words and sentences. If it includes
handwriting and spelling, that would be a big plus. A digital program should solve more
problems than it creates. And most importantly: it should teach, not distract. I was not
looking for a program that “keeps kids busy.” Instead, I was searching for a program
that enables me to instruct all my students in phonics, allows students to progress at
their own pace, and give me data to monitor progress. My colleagues and I searched
for various solutions but we had trouble finding a program that includes all three
components: comprehensive content, easy to use, and most importantly: a curriculum,
and not a game.

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Yearly Subscription Plan
Can be purchased by Teacher, School Leader, District Administrator, or Parent.


This product is accessible via a web browser.
This product is available as a native application on the following devices:
iPad App
Download available at



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Language Arts Language Arts

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