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In Summit Reflections, educators review tools that they have seen at an EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit. Summit Reflections can only be completed onsite at the event; reviewers are incentivized to leave reviews.
Amy, Irt. School Type: Elementary School
Feb 11, 2017

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I use this product in many ways. One way is as a presentation tool when I need to share information with students,teachers or parents. The format is fun and engaging for the reader. I have found that the stickers, animations and videos grab the reader's attention. With students I have used this tool as a canvas that they can use to create visual representations to support their writing and thinking. Students love using this tool. I have found that the ease of interactivity proves Buncee to be the perfect platform for k-5 students to share. Students enjoy publishing their writing with Buncee...So much that even reluctant writers are engaged. In math, students have been able to show their thinking when solving problems. Students have shared their work in SeeSaw and Google classroom.

Strengths: The product provides an easy to use, visually appealing platform for students to share their voice. The stickers and animations are incredible. The camera and video features are easy to use and intuitive. It works well with SeeSaw, Google Classroom and social media. Students enjoy working in Buncee, and see it as an extension of their voice. Customer service is superb!

Suggestions for Improvement: I love the program, and these suggestions would just be sprinkles on the cake.
1. I would love it if the multiple choice & free response responses fed into a spreadsheet for ease of grading.
2. Would be great if multiple students could be working on the same Buncee at the same time on multiple devices.
3. It would be great if students could use a teacher created username and password. The young ones have a hard time with the Google credentials set by the district, as they are so long.

Verdict: I would recommend Buncee as it is a very student friendly platform. It is the perfect canvas for students to use when Teachers are embedding the 4 C's into the curriculum. Using the stickers and animations provides students with an easy to use tool for creating visual representations of their thinking. It is a one stop presentation tool. Within Buncee students can upload their own files, download web content, embed videos from Vimeo, YouTube, or videos they create within the tool. I have seen the power of using this tool with students. They are engaged, and learning. It works well with seesaw and Google classroom. The customer support is second to none. If you have a question, you get a real person who is eager and willing to provide support. If you need pictorial assets that are not already available, they will create them for you.

Kelly, Special Education Teacher. School Type: Elementary School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population
Feb 16, 2017

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I would use this presentation tool with students to express creative and factual ideas with each other and for projects such as our district media festival. I would create interactive presentations with students for instruction and for parents during open house and other events. I would access their data bank of samples for ideas and templates I would find useful.

Strengths: The product solves the problem of how do I allow students to access materials available on the web while keeping them safe from sources and sites that appear as a part of a standard search. The product also solves the problem of how do I help students who are visually overwhelmed by many computer based tool still access creative tools to share ideas. This product also appeared to solve the problem of dependence on a particular software to produce a presentation since it is web based. For a low SES school, the free version does address the larger issue of equal access. It appeared that the free version had enough pizzazz for kids to make it still a great product.

Suggestions for Improvement: It would be great if this website had a larger library of samples to draw ideas from. I would also suggest some templates, such as an interactive calendar for different ages so teachers could just choose a few things to add and make it relevant. I would also suggest an even more simplified setting teachers could use to help students with cognitive limitations, sort of a step by step to help them make a standard presentation/template, almost like a 101 level to guide them.

Verdict: I recommend this tool based on the simplicity and wide range of supports and tools available within the tool. Buncee is much more teacher and student centered in contrast to a product such as google slides. Teachers could also access the presentations regardless of what system their computer had.It was a much more intuitive way to create and share information. Links and images were assured to be student appropriate, which is a big concern when using internet based tools or links. The fact there is a bank of teacher created ideas, responsive support and a low cost and free option made it very appealing.

Jill, Media Coordinator. School Type: High School
Feb 11, 2017

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: This would be an incredible tool to use with iPads or other devices as a teacher librarian. I really loved the ease of use for Buncee, and Sean (the presenter) had some incredible recommendations for social media posts by other teacher librarians to investigate the tool further/evaluate its usefulness for the media center.

I would love to see this used by teachers bringing in classes since one of my goals is to procure iPads somehow and invite classes in to teach tech tools/complete projects.

Strengths: It is a more accessible tech tool for students to use to create presentations. They never have to leave Buncee to incorporate whatever media they would like. It fosters student creativity and autonomy as well as collaboration.

Suggestions for Improvement: It communicates with Google Classroom, but a link to an assessment tool would be useful.

I am unsure whether comments can be posted on Buncee, but that would be wonderful as well so students could have instant feedback.

Verdict: I would not advise against it since this was probably my favorite product I saw today.

Teacher, School Type: High School
Jun 13, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starfull star Advocate

Usage: I want students to create math-related projects using the product. Students can be very creative in coming up with related contents to the materials that they are studying in class.

Strengths: With the new math component that will be added on to the platform, this will be a great tool for students to use when they need to create projects linked to the topics that they are learning. Students will be more motivated in learning math given that they can be creative in showing what they know using the product.

Suggestions for Improvement: The only thing that I would add is the ability to upload videos right to the platform instead of first uploading it to YouTube or Vimeo. It would be great for students to be able to take a video then upload that content right onto Buncee.

Verdict: This is a great platform for students in creating projects in the classroom. The multiple platforms that it supports makes it very accessible regardless of what the school choose to implement.

Lisa, Health And Physical Education Teacher. School Type: High School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population, College Prep School
Jun 13, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: Unfortunately it comes down to cost. My school did not even provide me with a pencil for my students this year. I purchase things at yard sales, and pick up pencils when I find them on the ground. I think that it is a interesting product though and I did not feel that the price was too great in comparrision to others. Perhaps if a grant could be applied for it may become a reality.

Strengths: That students can use this is so many different ways. I liked the possibility of use for the science fair projects. I do think that teachers could use this to make the lessons that they are teaching more entertaining, and with technology the students attention can lower so quickly. They may just pay attention wondering what will be next. I loved the aspect of the reading and voice ability that can be used. This would be a great program for students that are trying to acquire a new language.

Suggestions for Improvement: Although the cost was not unreasonable I happen to be in a school system that did not give me a budget last year. When I do get a budget it is $250 per year. I just would not be able to afford it. I was expecting it to hit the kinistetic piece more that what I saw. When they mentioned that word in their pitch I immediately went to their table. I can see though that you could inbed the video for possible movement it you wanted. I can't actually think of one right now. I would have to use it first.

Verdict: Unfornatuely the cost would be the greatest determining factor. Also I did find the GoNoodle which focuses on kinestetic. I can see some application for the health aspects that I teach and the use of this for science fairs seems very intersting though.

Teacher, School Type: Elementary School
Jun 13, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: As a creation tool, there are probably infinite possibilities of how to use Buncee. Creating lessons for reteaching, small group, independent differentiation, etc. You could even use this as perhaps a portfolio tool for students to document their learning and build a year long portfolio of their academic (and perhaps even social emotional) learning.

Strengths: Versatility of how you can use this creation tool is limitless. From creating sub plan lessons to student portfolios to a fun way for students to demonstrate their learning and publishing of stories they create, this is just the tip of the iceburg. The foreign language capabilities is fantastic and all ELL and foreign language teachers need to check this out as a tool for students to demonstrate their skills.

Suggestions for Improvement: If a teacher is committed to using this product consistently with all students in a class, the organization and management of the created Buncees will be very important. It needs to be easily organized for both teachers and students (to find and pull from their Buncees if they want to add Buncees to their student portfolios).

Verdict: The flexibility and ease of use is a plus. It seems very student friendly even for the youngest grades which is great!

Noemi, Math Teacher. School Type: High School, High ELL Population
Jun 13, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: I would use it to do lessons , presentations , assessments and class and homework assignments.

Strengths: This is a great tool/resource for when I plan and present my lesson to the class. It enables me to embed videos, pdf files, images and other files to my assignment or lesson. I could also share it with my students and this would be great for when students miss a day of school and they miss the class.

Suggestions for Improvement: 1. More applications towards higher level math- high school 2. Sharing stuff with the parents. 3. Improve on the IPad version so it could reach higher level math concepts.

Verdict: I would recommend this for teachers to use so for ease in doing presentations and sharing assignments with the students as well as other teachers.

Instructional Technology Specialist, School Type: Middle School, High School
Jun 13, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: I would use this to create materials for the students and parents.

Strengths: I think it strength is all the included content such as the images and the backgrounds. The interface seems easy to both use and navigate. More complex software such as Photoshop or InDesign can be really intimidating for teachers, let alone students.

Suggestions for Improvement: 1. More Google Drive integration 2. The ability to import MP3 files that aren't from soundcloud 3. If it's not there already, the ability to turn off the Explore feature for students.

Verdict: It seems to be an easy to use product with a lot of creative uses. We do not currently have design software that teachers and students could use to create visually appealing content.

Nikki, Steam Integration Specialist. School Type: Elementary School, Blended Learning
Jun 13, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: I would use this presentation tool with my students to create and share digital stories, and research reports.

Strengths: The feature that appeals to me the most is the safety features. 1. Buncee uses creative common images. 2. I also like the easy drag and drop features it has. It will work well with my elementary learners. 3. No student email account is needed.

Suggestions for Improvement: 1. To many clicks to where I actually want to go. This may get confusing for some of my younger grade students. 2. Cannot embed videos. My students will have to upload their videos to a Youtube or Vimeo account.

Verdict: It has some great features - 1. Text to speech 2. control privacy feature 3. Safety features

Teacher, School Type: High School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population
Jun 13, 2015

full starfull starfull starfull starno star Advocate

Usage: I would use it as a platform to teach and for students to use for presentations

Strengths: 1. It is visually interesting 2. It appeared to have good images and a good amount. 3. It appeared to be user friendly and good for many kids to use. 4. I like that the kids don't need an email to set up and the teacher can create the password.

Suggestions for Improvement: 1. It didn't seem that different from google slides or powerpoint 2. It was unclear how much information was available for images and lesson plans. 3. It seemed expensive for being similar to google or office and not having other functions.

Verdict: I think it was visually interesting and appeared to be easy to use for many age levels.

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