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GRADES / Pre-K, Elementary (Grades K-4), Middle School (Grades 5-8)
PLATFORMS / Web Browser, Flash, iPad, Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android

Animated movies, learning games, quizzes and interactive activities covering K-8 and ESL curriculum


BrainPop offers hundreds of animated educational videos across a wide variety of topics, all of which are accompanied by interactive quizzes, activities, and games. The content is intended for students in grades 3-12 and covers material in ELA, math, science, social studies, health, art, and technology. A variety of purchasing options are available, spanning single-student home use all the way to district-wide coverage.


For the most part, teachers and students are able to interact with BrainPop in the same manner. Students can browse through BrainPop’s library of videos, searching by topic or course. Upon selecting a topic, a three-to-five minute animated video is played, featuring BrainPop’s two animated stars, Tim and Moby. At the conclusion of the video, students have the option to complete a variety of follow-up activities. These activities include quizzes (with multiple choice and open-ended items), interactive games, sorting tasks, concept map creation, vocabulary review, and primary source analysis, among others. All of these activities have built-in functionality that allow students to submit responses to their teacher. This submission may come in the form of a quiz response, student-created concept map, completed vocabulary worksheet, or even a screenshot of a game with an attached student reflection. Students can always track their submissions, grades, and feedback by navigating to their My BrainPop page. They can also enter a code provided by their teacher to be taken directly to an assigned topic, video, or activity.

Teacher access to BrainPop includes the same functionality as a student account, with a number of additional features. The library of videos is searchable by subject matter, video topic, Common Core or state standard, or by simply browsing through a list of new and trending videos. Included as part of each video is a link to a related BrainPop Educators page, which offers user-submitted and BrainPop-created lesson plans, printables, and instructional resources.

Teachers manage their classes and access all submitted student work through the My BrainPop page. From here teachers see a history of all student submissions and are able to review, grade, and provide feedback on any one of them. They can also view and export an auto-generated class gradebook, based on all students’ BrainPop submissions.

BrainPop also gives teachers the opportunity to create and assign their own quizzes for a given topic. They can write their own multiple choice or open-ended quiz questions, or they can opt to pull items from BrainPop’s library of over 20,000 questions. Included in this library of quiz questions are items created and shared by other BrainPop users and approved by BrainPop. Teachers then share their quiz with students by providing either a direct link or an access code for students to input on the site. By creating multiple versions of quizzes and providing different links or access codes to their students, teachers can assign different quizzes to each student.

BrainPop’s entire product line includes BrainPop, Jr., BrainPop Español, BrainPop Français, and BrainPop ESL. These products all offer similar features as BrainPop but are intended, respectively, for students in grades K-2, Spanish-speaking students, French-speaking students, and English Language Learners.


A rotating set of three videos (and accompanying activities) per subject are always available for free on BrainPop’s website. However, in order to receive access to BrainPop’s entire library, a subscription must be purchased. Pricing for BrainPop depends on the product purchased, the number of licenses needed, and the duration of the subscription. Products can be purchased for a home, a classroom, a homeschool classroom, a school, or an entire district. A single classroom BrainPop account costs $220 per year, and it allows for use on up to three computers, but it does not provide individual student accounts. In order to assign individual student accounts, a school or district plan must be purchased. A BrainPop school plan costs $1,695 per year, while a district plan is discounted dependent upon the number of schools in the district. A full listing of all of BrainPop’s pricing plans can be found here.

  • Home
    • BrainPop: $10.95 per month, or $115 per year
    • BrainPop Jr: $9.45 per month, $99 per year
    • BrainPop Esp & Fra: $9.45 per month, $99 per year
    • BrainPop ESL: $8.45 per month, or $85 per year
  • HomeSchool
  • Classroom - Single classroom, up to 3 computers
    • BrainPop: $220 per year
    • BrainPop Jr: $160 per year
    • BrainPop Esp & Fra: $160 per year
    • BrainPop ESL: $130 per year
  • School
    • BrainPop: $1695 per year
    • BrainPop Jr: $1,350 per year
    • BrainPop Esp & Fra: $1,200 per year
    • BrainPop ESL: $545 per year
  • District
    • Discount off school price based on number of schools purchasing and length of subscription


A 2009 study was conducted by an independent research firm to determine BrainPop’s effectiveness in the third-, fifth-, and eighth-grade classrooms. It was concluded that students in classes regularly using BrainPop showed substantially greater gains in the areas of reading, language comprehension, and science than students in classes not using BrainPop.

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If I could change anything, I wish there was a way for teachers to get a report of student quiz scores in a concise report. As the student app works now, student scores are stored in the app, but there is no connection to the teacher. When ...

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