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Holly Whitt, @WGSLibrary
Librarian, Walnut Grove School, Alabama
1:1 devices, Project-based classroom, and Low income population

Engaging K-2 students in computational thinking and mathematical reasoning processes.

Product Use: I use the Beebots with students in a variety of ways. I begin by teaching cause and effect with the simple programming commands. That is, if you press the command to go forward one time, the Beebot moves one unit forward. Then, I set up a simple challenge for students to write a program to move the Beebot to a specific location. Students write the code first, learn computational vocabulary, such as bug for identifying mistakes in their code. Finally, students draw and map out a community for Beebot. Then, they challenge each other to write programs to navigate the community and tell stories about their community.

What Worked and What Didn't: Students are able to easily understand how to use Beebots with minimal instruction. They also work well in groups. Groups of 2-3 students per Beebot worked best. Students remain engaged with the Beebots even looking for ways to make problems more challenging. This makes it an excellent way to encourage questioning and persistence in problem solving. Students can get caught up in the "fun" factor. As a result, the teacher needs to include pauses to give the students opportunities to articulate what they are doing and make the learning objectives clear.

Age Group: Pre-K students and Elementary school students

Jul 7, 2016 Provide Feedback

Response from Bee-Bot: Results documented in the Case Study of Bee-Bot by Holly Whitt are many in number reported by professional educators introducing computer skills in their classrooms. Inspiring and enhancing learning skills to plan, count, sequence, estimate, develop teamwork, and critical thinking while having fun is the targeted goal. Bee-Bot is an easy teaching tool supported with a curriculum of 100 lessons in 10 subjects. There are a variety of mats and narrative mats to use with Bee-Bot that inspire imagination, teach mapping and develop story telling. Other accessories for Bee-Bot are available that keep your students focused and engaged.

As Holly Whitt stated, encouraging “pauses” during the lesson is a proactive measure to harness the energies and talents of your students. The students grasping concepts faster can be delegated to help other students struggling in the assigned exercise. A constructive pause during a lesson definitely will accelerate learning the subject being presented.

Bee-Bot has a big brother, BLUE-BOT and can do everything that Bee-Bot does with an exciting addition-Bluetooth communication. You can also pair Blue-Bot with an IOS or Android tablet and use the free app to control Blue-Bot remotely. While Bee-Bot targets PreK-3,
Blue-Bot takes over and continues to further develop students in the higher grade levels.

Blue-Bots ability to be operated via Bluetooth connection by programming on your Tablet, PC or Mac screens to create programs or change commands develops conceptual levels of understanding that further develops algorithmic thinking skills. Blue-Bot is also supported by a variety of teaching materials of curriculum and mats.

Blue-Bots sturdy construction holds up well in the classroom. Blue-Bot blinks and beeps to provide feed back as it follows a program. Additional capability for 45 degree turns and repeating commands expands the Blue-Bot programming experience. Blue-Bot product design is transparent so that students can literally see the components helping to demystify technology.

The latest in Logo technology is PRO-BOT. It is a robot cleverly disguised as a race car. Pro-Bot offers students an engaging hands-on experience with Logo programming as well as robotic controls. Additional sensors are built into Pro-Bot. It has the ability to hold a felt tip pen in a mechanism located in the center to allow it to draw as it moves like the Logo turtle on the screen.

Expand the experience and fun of learning with Blue-Bot and Pro-Bot. The rewards for you, as the instructor, will be as significant and gratifying as those of the students you are nurturing to develop a strong command in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.
Bee-Bot begins the journey to inspire learning and enhancing skills in counting, planning, estimating, sequencing, problem solving, team work and critical thinking. Blue-Bot continues the journey.

Like Bee-Bot, BLUE-BOT, and PRO-BOT are available at on our website.

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