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Jenna, Breite_Hermosa_6
4th grade GATE teacher, Fullerton School District, California
1:1 devices and Special education students

Prior to using Answerables I had issues with students not copying down the correct websites. It would then take up too much of my time having students check their sites and correct those that were incorrect. I also had issues of students getting onto websites that were not pre-approved by me. I needed some way that would allow my students to access the websites I wanted them to get to in a timely manner. I also wanted a product that would limit my students access to the world wide web but limiting their options.

Product Use: I have been using Answerables in my classroom for about a year and a half. I have been able to place all of my classroom websites and content into their easy to access fun and engaging land. I have created several different pods, or groups. My pods allow students a chance to interact with content that is leveled for them without the rest of the class knowing what they are working on. For example I have pods for my low, medium, and high students. When instructed I just tell all students to go to their pods and interact with the content. Students don't know who is going to what pod.

I have also used Answerables as a way to showcase my students' digital work. I created a different pods for different projects and placed all of the student work in there. I then granted access to all of the students to walk around and view each others' work. My class loved it because I have yet to find an easy and fun way to showcase their work. I also had students share their digital work with their parents at Open House and parents were able to see not only their child's work but the classes work as well.

What Worked and What Didn't: Having students go directly to my classroom content and not mis-type the site was great, especially when it was a long confusing site. I also found that my students were more excited to go into the normal websites we use if they could go through Answerables. Something that didn't work was students would get distracted at times from the task they were trying to accomplish. Some of the things that distracted them was being able to see the other students while in the pod and some getting lost in some of the pods.

Age Group: Elementary school students

Oct 27, 2016 Provide Feedback
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