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Online, video observation, evaluation and feedback


Advancefeedback is an online observation, feedback, and evaluation tool for teachers, observers, and school administrators. It allows teachers to upload videos of themselves teaching and receive feedback from administrators and colleague observers. Observers provide qualitative and quantitative feedback, leaving comments, resources, and performance ratings for the teacher.


Teachers begin using Advancefeedback by uploading videos to their ‘Observation’ dashboard. Teachers select the ‘upload’ button and upload a video recorded from any device and saved on their computer. They comment using the comment box to the right of the video, and, using a drop down menu, enter in all pertinent information about the video such as name, date, time, subject, and number of students. Once the video is uploaded, they answer a series of pre-observation survey questions to provide context for all observers, who are notified when the video is uploaded and survey completed. Teachers can decide using a drop down menu whether or not the video is shared with administrators, themselves for reflection, or colleagues. From the ‘Observation’ dashboard, teacher users can view all of their own uploaded videos, videos shared by others, videos scheduled for reflection, and observation windows scheduled in advance by administrators, arranged by their status.

Administrators and observers watch the shared videos from their ‘Observation’ or ‘Shared with Me’ dashboards. They add timestamped comments to the video by typing in the comment box, and using drop down menus to add a type, rubric, and tag to their comments for easy feedback review. Observers also rate performance on core practices such as lesson delivery and provide added resources like in-depth lesson guides or evaluation rubrics for teachers to view in their report. They then preview, save and continue, or submit their observation report and feedback. Administrators also match observers to videos by scheduling observation windows in their ‘Observations’ dashboard and using drop down menus to fill in pertinent information such as date, time, and observee.

From their home dashboard tab, all users receive notifications of recent activity, recent observations, feedback, and assigned observation windows.


Inquiries about pricing options can be made on the Advancefeedback website


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School Type: Middle School, High ELL Population, Low Income Population, 1:1 Devices, Blended Learning

1) Creating a system by which teachers can choose to share "highlight" clips that can be linked to other teachers as resources (for example, Teacher A is struggling with managing groupwork, and I note that in their video feedback; then I link them to Teacher B, who is a groupwork champ, for them ...

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