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GRADES / Elementary (Grades 4-5), Middle School (Grades 5-8), High School (Grades 9-12)
PLATFORMS / Web Browser

Integrates media, common core aligned questions, tools to scaffold and assess reading


Actively Learn is an online tool with a library of thousands of texts and Common Core-aligned lessons that both teachers and students can interact with in real-time. Teachers assign pre-existing Actively Learn materials to students or upload their own content, then track student responses and activity using the company’s data tools. Students can interact with a text by digitally highlighting and annotating, responding to embedded questions and content, and leaving feedback and comments for peers.


Actively Learn’s online library, geared towards students grades 4 through 12, features a variety of texts including short stories, textbooks, poems, primary sources, plays, and novels. The library also houses materials specific to the science and social studies content areas. Actively Learn’s resources combine embedded content and scaffolds with the intention of supporting student learning and engagement. Texts feature embedded questions, discussion materials, and various reading aids. Both teachers and students can interact directly with the text, leaving comments and feedback.

Actively Learn for Teachers

The online resource can be used in several different ways, including teacher-led small and whole group instruction, independent reading, and research projects. Teachers have the option to download texts directly from Actively Learn and use the site’s pre-existing instructional materials. Alternately, teachers can upload their own texts and articles and then embed their own notes, questions, and multimedia resources directly into the content for students to see.

Through the teacher dashboard, users can set up class rosters, browse Actively Learn’s catalog, assign and share materials, and view data collected by the system. Actively Learn’s data-reporting feature makes it possible for teachers to see how students interact with a text, including the duration spent reading, notes taken, as well as responses to embedded questions. Actively Learn also offers standards-aligned content; teachers can view student progress towards mastering each standard using the data functionality of the online resource.

The Actively Learn website features resource content including slideshows for professional development, flyers and informational documents, event sponsorship, videos, tech cheat sheets, and tips from other users.

Actively Learn also offers an online course for teachers on the science of learning to read. The course is divided into three modules, discussing how to active, support and reveal students' thinking.

Actively Learn for Students

Students can access content assigned by their teachers and articles for independent reading through a personal dashboard. Students can change text settings, view notifications from their teacher, and view notes and questions embedded in the text. Text appears on the left side of the student screen; text with embedded content is highlighted and the content appears on the right side of the screen. Actively Learn chunks text by breaking it up with embedded questions. Students cannot proceed until they answer the question. Responses are posted to the entire class. Once a student has posted their response, they can see how their other classmates answered and leave comments. Students receive feedback from their teachers for each question.

Annotations can be kept private or shared with the entire class for discussion and feedback. Students can choose from one of eight preset labels to categorize their notes (i.e. Text structure, Author’s purpose, or My thoughts). They can also choose to create their own custom label. Students struggling with a text have the option to send a message to their teacher by highlighting the content and using the “I don’t understand!” feature. Actively Learn makes it possible to define words in a text, to hear the text read aloud, and to translate it.

When reading independently through Actively Learn, students can choose from over 3,000 articles then rate or review the material in lieu of taking a comprehension quiz. Ratings and reviews are then viewable by the rest of the class; students have the option to share or recommend articles directly with one another. Once an article is completed, it’s added to the student’s reading log, allowing teachers to track student progress and the texts they’ve interacted with.

Teachers can assign research projects using Actively Learn, as well. Students can work collaboratively to digitally highlight and annotate a text, and then merge their notes into Google Docs. Students also have the option to import articles to keep track of their research.

Actively Learn’s online resources are accessible 24/7 and can be used on any device with a web browser. The online resource integrates fully with Google Drive, including Google Classroom. Actively Learn add-ons make it possible to import texts directly into teacher and student online libraries.


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