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GRADES / Elementary (Grades K-4), Middle School (Grades 5-8), High School (Grades 9-12)
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Reading comprehension program that delivers news articles at students' reading levels


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Achieve3000 provides online differentiated instruction with the goal of improving reading comprehension in pre-k through 12th grade students as well as adult learners. Teachers can use Achieve3000 to establish a baseline Lexile reading level for their students then incorporate the site’s numerous standards-aligned lessons and tools to foster academic growth and track student progress. Schools and districts may purchase licenses to use Achieve3000’s products through the company website. Achieve3000 also offers homeschool solutions for parents


According to the company website, the goal of Achieve3000 is to, “improve literacy for all learners.” The online tool gives users access to over 10,000 standards-aligned English and Spanish non-fiction texts. The majority of articles are scaled on twelve different Lexile levels in English, and seven levels in Spanish, allowing students with a wide spectrum of abilities to access the same content. Achieve3000 aligns each of its lessons to state and national standards. The company gives teachers and administrators the tools to monitor student progress and to forecast preparedness for standardized tests and college and career readiness.

Achieve3000 offers programs for learners of all ages and abilities. Prekindergarten through first grade students learn through the ‘Smarty Ants’ program, a foundational literacy curriculum delivered in a completely online environment. The company’s product line also includes KidBiz3000 for grades 2-5, TeenBiz3000 for grades 6-8, Empower3000 for grades 9-12, Spark3000 for adult learners, and eScience3000 for middle school science students.

Achieve3000’s suite of products follows a step-by-step approach. Teachers first use the ‘LevelSet Assessment’, a universal assessment tool to determine the reading level of all of their students. Achieve3000’s program then tailors instructional materials based on the Lexile scores of each student. Ongoing assessment and assignments give constant feedback to students, teachers, and administrators about student progress.

The Achieve3000 content and curriculum is completely adaptive; as student reading comprehension improves, the rigor of the material increases. One of Achieve3000’s primary offerings is its ‘Stretch’ lessons. Teachers can use Stretch lessons for an entire class. Each lesson is leveled so teachers can teach the same content but modify the material based on specific learning goals for each student approaching the material. Teachers use their personal dashboards to assign materials to students as well as track their progress using data collected and generated by Achieve3000.

Achieve3000’s products are accessible across multiple devices including Apple, Android, and Chromebook products. Achieve3000 outlines several options for implementation and school supports including a 1:1 model, station rotations, lab rotations, the flipped classroom approach, and homeschool options.

The KidBiz3000, TeenBiz3000, and Empower3000 products follow a universal five-step model. Students begin each lesson by completing a ‘Before Reading Poll’ to activate prior knowledge. Students complete activity questions as they read the article. After reading, they complete activity questions followed by an ‘After Reading Poll’. The lesson is rounded out with a ‘Thought Question’. Students can annotate the text using a digital highlighting tool and respond to a variety of assessment questions to gauge reading comprehension, including multiple choice, tech-enhanced, and written response questions.

Achieve3000 lists thirteen ‘solutions’ on its website. Solutions organize Achieve3000’s content and tools based on the specific learner, classroom, and district need it addresses. A full list of Achieve3000 solutions can be found after the “Research” section.


Achieve3000 is a paid program. Schools and districts can request pricing through the Achieve3000 website. The company offers homeschool solutions that retail anywhere from $132 to $177 per license depending on the program selected. Achieve3000’s website includes a link to theHomeschool Buyers Co-Op website for discounted products.

Achieve3000's "Solutions"

The English Language Arts Solution includes ‘Bonus’ lessons geared towards building reading stamina and preparing students for standardized tests. Bonus lessons expose students to a variety of texts such as maps, charts, and graphs. English Language Arts solutions are offered through the KidBizPro, TeenBizPro, and EmpowerPro products. Mentioned previously, Achieve3000 offers a Foundational Literacy solution through Smarty Ants. The online learning environment is geared towards prekindergarten through 1st grade students. Students learn and master basic reading skills and concepts to promote long-term reading comprehension growth.

The Literacy in the Content Area solution features a fully customizable curriculum aligned to ELA and content area standards. Science and social studies lessons are broken into two distinct texts: an article about a contemporary content-related issue followed by a reinforcing ‘Dig Deeper’ text that provides background information on the topic. The Literacy in the Content Area solution emphasizes integrating multiple sources and citing evidence for text-based writing. Like the English Language Arts solution, Literacy in the Content Area utilizes the KidBizPro, TeenBizPro, and EmpowerPro products.

Achieve3000 offers ELL and Spanish solutions for students and teachers. The KidBizAccess, TeenBizAccess, and EmpowerAccess products feature standards-aligned lessons that incorporate phonics and fluency instruction for students learning to speak English. KidBizEspañol, TeenBizEspañol, and EmpowerEspañol allow teachers to measure student reading comprehension ability using the Spanish Lexile. Both the ELL and Spanish solutions are adaptable for individual instruction as well as whole group and small group instruction to target listening and speaking skills.

Achieve3000 offers three solutions to help struggling learners. The Achieve3000 Intervention solution relies on theResponse to Intervention (RTI) model. KidBizBoost, TeenBizBoost, and EmpowerBoost are fully customizable interventions that allow students to move fluidly between intervention tiers. The After School solution, called ‘Achieve After School’, can be used as an extension of the KidBiz3000, TeenBiz3000, and Empower3000 products, or as a standalone afterschool program. Achieve After School has data-sharing capabilities so classroom and afterschool teachers can both see student progress. ‘AchieveSummer’ offers extension activities for students beyond the school year. AcheiveSummer includes the Smarty Ants product as well as offerings through 12th grade. Parents can opt to use the Home Edition which is accessible in 19 different languages. AchieveSummer can be implemented as a literacy program, a core summer reading program, or as an independent study program. Like the Achieve After School solution, data from AchieveSummer is accessible to teachers at the beginning of the new school year.

Spark3000 is Achieve3000’s adult education solution. It offers users as ‘workforce readiness curriculum’ that spans four categories of lessons. Spark3000 is standards-aligned and includes Spanish language support.

Achieve3000’s eScience3000 is a middle school science curriculum solution aligned to state, STEM, andNext Generation Science Standards. The standards-based activities follow the5E Instructional Model. eScience3000 emphasizes on hands-on, experiential learning integrated with reading comprehension. The product offers teachers built-in differentiation that gives students access to the same content adapted across multiple reading levels.


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Brett, @LDS_MisterG
5th Grade Teacher, Freehold Township School, New Jersey

Our school was looking for a digital resource that could improve personalized learning and enhance our reading centers. With so many different kinds of learners in our classroom and a desire for additional nonfiction resources, Achieve 3000 was chosen to fill these needs. Having students blend their learning and move at their own pace was another reason why we implemented this product.

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