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Accelerated Math

by Renaissance Learning Inc.

GRADES / Pre-K, Elementary (Grades K-4), Middle School (Grades 5-8), High School (Grades 9-12)
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Common core aligned program assesses and differentiates math practice for K-12 students


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Accelerated Math (AM), a Renaissance Learning product, is an online standards-aligned math practice resource for students in grades K-8 and those taking Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II courses. Accelerated Math gives teachers the options to use the product’s assessment tools to create differentiated instruction groups, while also maintaining the autonomy to assign materials to students as they see fit. Students work through AM’s Core Progress learning progressions to master Common Core State Standards and foundational math skills. Districts can obtain pricing information for Accelerated Math through the Renaissance Learning website.


Accelerated Math relies on its Core Progress learning progression framework to sequence and scaffold skills necessary to master Common Core State Standards. The resource identifies what students know then determines what students can and should learn next based on requisite skills. Accelerated Math uses STAR Math, the company’s assessment program, to determine learner abilities and needs. AM allows teachers to differentiate instruction while providing instant feedback to learners about their progress.

Accelerated Math for Teachers

Teachers can access the Accelerated Math suite of tools through a personal dashboard. The dashboard is broken into four tabs: Assignment Plans, Student Groups, Learning Schedule, and Progress Dashboard.

Teachers assign materials through the Assignment Plans tab. Teachers can assign activities and tests to each learning group by skills or subskills. It’s also possible to select the depth of knowledge for activities. Accelerated Math offers DOK 3 assignments that allow students to delve into the content on a deeper level. All assignments are auto-graded, providing immediate feedback to both teachers and students.

Through the Student Groups tab, teachers can view the results of the STAR Math interim assessment and other ongoing assessments that students complete throughout the Core Progress learning progressions. Teachers can see where student scores fall relative to standard mastery and to each other. AM uses this data to create math practice groups based on student needs. Teachers can manually adjust the pre-populated student groups. It’s also possible to place students in multiple practice groups based on teacher observations. For example, a student may be placed in a specific standard mastery group and also work within foundational skills learning progressions.

Through the Learning Schedule tab, teachers map out an educational plan for each student. Teachers can determine the amount of time each student should spend on AM activities (anywhere from 1 to 5 hours) and also get an idea of how long it should take students to master standards within the Accelerated Math framework. Teachers have the option to assign students “All Skills” in the Core Progress learning progression, or just the “Focus Skills’, a fast-track version of the standards mastery program that only emphasizes key points.

Teachers access student data through the Progress Dashboard. The Progress Dashboard includes scores on all assessments and student progress towards standard mastery.

The Accelerated Math website includes a number of resources for users including learning videos to get acclimated to the product. Parent resources are also available in bothEnglish andSpanish versions.

Accelerated Math for Students

Students access assignments in their personal learning dashboard. Accelerated Math allows students to work at their own pace to complete each assignment and to master each standard. Learning modules include a number of different resources to support learning including math glossary terms, worked examples, and instructional videos from external sites like Khan Academy. Accelerated Math also shows students which classmates are working on the same concepts, offering the opportunity to get peer help.


Accelerated Math is a subscription-based product. Schools and districts can obtain pricing information from the Renaissance Learning contact page.


Renaissance Learning has partnered with several external research groups to assess the efficacy of the Core Progress learning progressions, while a number of independent studies have evaluated the efficacy of the company’s products. One study indicates that moderate and “best practice” use of Accelerated Math improved math scores as well as college and career readiness for students across the board. Renaissance Learning includes a number of studies on their website.


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