The EnCorps STEM Teaching Fellowship for STEM Professionals: Apply Now

May 16, 2016

<p><b>The EnCorps STEM Teaching Fellowship for STEM Professionals: Apply Now</b></p>

<p><b>The Problem:</b><br> Enduring STEM achievement, access, and literacy gaps disproportionately limit low income, under-resourced, and minority student opportunities. Furthermore, there is a severe shortage of high-quality teachers to do something about it. </p>

<p><b>Our Solution:</b><br> Get involved! By becoming an EnCorps STEM Teachers Fellow (<a href="http://encorps.org/" rel="nofollow">www.encorps.org</a>), you will take the first step to expanding these opportunities and exploring your role and impact in public education. EnCorps engages STEM industry professionals and military veterans in making a transition to a career in teaching or becoming a volunteer tutor. As an EnCorps Fellow, you will directly influence and inspire today's students, who will become tomorrow's innovators, engineers and scientists.</p>

<p>EnCorps Fellows are STEM professionals in California who are committed to making a firsthand difference in how science and math are taught and learned in our public schools. EnCorps provides a low risk, highly supported pathway to working successfully with students in need, and can help you move into a career that can change the world. We provide unique opportunities for our Fellows, including: </p>


<li> Immediate access to working with students by tutoring or guest teaching under the mentorship of a host teacher</li>

<li> Assistance and guidance with selecting and applying to teaching credential programs. <b>EnCorps offers scholarship funding for Fellows who wish to pursue teaching credentials.</b> </li>

<li> Support with exams and other teacher credentialing requirements</li>

<li> Access to networks and schools as you seek full time employment as a teacher</li>

<li> Ongoing professional development via our Fall and Spring Institutes, and our Summer Residential Institute, as well as our monthly calls and informal opportunities</li>

<li> A cohort of peers who are industry professionals engaging in education</li>


<b> EnCorps is free to our Educators. However, you must apply to our program.</b> In order to qualify, you must meet our pre-requisite requirements:


<li> Currently live in an area EnCorps serves (San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County) </li>

<li> Possess at least 3 years of full time work or research experience as a STEM industry professional</li>

<li> Be fully eligible to work in the United States (US Citizen, Permanent Resident, Work Visa) </li>

<li> Hold an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 2.50 or higher</li>

<li> You must not already hold a California single subject or CTE teaching credential</li>


<p> We accept applications online, and applications include short written responses to five question prompts. Our application season runs from August-May 16th. All accepted candidates will begin our program in June 2016. We have a limited number of open spots and accept candidates on a rolling basis; it is in your best interest to apply early! </p>

<p>APPLY NOW for consideration into our 2016 cohort: http://encorps.org/apply <br>

The final application deadline for our 2016 Cohort is May 16, 2016.  Any applications received after May 16 will not be considered</p>

<p> For questions or more information, check out our next EnCorps 101 <a href="http://encorps.org/webinar/" rel="nofollow">webinar</a>, applicant <a href="http://encorps.org/educators/faqs/" rel="nofollow">FAQ's</a>, or get in touch with your local Program & Recruitment Director:<br>

SF Bay Area: David Taus (david@encorps.org)<br>

Los Angeles: Bethany Orozco (bethany@encorps.org)<br>

Sacramento: Roger Andersen (roger@encorps.org)<br>

San Diego/Orange County: David Frost (david.frost@encorps.org)</p>

The EnCorps STEM Teaching Fellowship for STEM Professionals: Apply Now

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News, research, and opportunities - sent weekly.