SIIA Innovation Incubator

Mar 7, 2014

SIIA’s Innovation Incubator program identifies and supports entrepreneurs in their development and distribution of innovative learning technologies. The program began in 2006 and has provided mentorship for dozens of successful products and companies in their efforts to improve education through the use of software, digital content and related technologies.


  • a research and development group located in an academic or non-profit institution,
  • an education development group funded by federal or state governmental agencies,
  • a young ed tech company at pre-revenue stage, or
  • an organization with revenue in the education space?


  • a new product or service that’s innovative and unlike any other on the market and
  • a digital solution that meets the evolving needs of students, teachers, and administrators?


  • This program is geared towards providing one-on-one access to industry leaders for expert advice, mentorship, and unique opportunities to connect with prospective partners for growth.
  • Your product will first be reviewed by industry and education leaders – providing access to prospective partners and their feedback.
  • You may be selected to present your product to teachers and administrators around the country
  • If selected to participate, you will receive: 
    • the chance to present during the Business Profiles – as part of the program.
    • visibility in the Innovation Incubator Showcase, where you show your innovative product or service during the Opening Reception to the conference.
    • meetings in the One-to-One Business Connections where you make short pitches to the publishers, technology companies, and investment firms that most closely fit your strategic objectives.
    • support from industry leader mentors - before, during and after the conference.
AND the chance to win prizes and an award for Most Innovative, Most Likely to Succeed, or the Educator’s Choice Award


  1. Have a fully functional website
  2. Fully reviewable, finished product
  3. Submit a $50 processing fee

SIIA Innovation Incubator

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