Short-Cycle Evaluation Challenge

May 26, 2015

Have a product that you’d like to pilot with NYC schools? The Short-Cycle Evaluation Challenge (SCEC) is a program that matches companies with NYC school teams to pilot, refine, and evaluate the company’s edtech product. As part of the SCEC, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Visit your partner school to observe your product being used by teachers and students.
  • Collaborate with teachers on product and implementation refinements.
  • Receive an independent, third-party evaluation of your product’s efficacy during the pilot.

We invite companies to apply if their product meets our schools’ teacher-defined needs. The company applications are reviewed by a team of industry professionals and then the best matches are invited to demo for school teams. Ultimately, these school teams will select the product they would like to spend a semester piloting and evaluating.

For full details, see theShort-Cycle Evaluation Challenge Website for Companies .

Applications for SCEC Fall 2015 are due Tuesday, May 26th at 11 AM Eastern Time.

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Short-Cycle Evaluation Challenge

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