Join the Fab Foundation SCOPESdf Community of Practice for Educators Early

Jul 31, 2017

Join Fab Foundation and Nation of Makers in celebrating the Week of Making! Show how you build enthusiasm for hands-on learning. Contribute your ideas to our new SCOPESdf project!

The Fab Foundation is calling one more time today Monday, June 19, 2017 for all educators in STEM, Fab Lab and maker networks to contribute activities and projects engaging K-12 learners in STEM pursuits through digital fabrication, to seed a new community of practice, SCOPESdf.

Submit online at goo.gl/dpMxgB or email SCOPESdf@fabfoundation.org to join the community today!

Through SCOPESdf, Fab Foundation aims to collect and share the diverse and incredible work that educators and Fabbers do to support student learning. We want to celebrate and recognize that ingenuity on the upcoming SCOPESdf online community of practice platform.

During the Nation of Makers’ Week of Making, educators, makers and learners across the U.S. are identifying problems in their communities and addressing them together by creating innovative solutions using digital fabrication tools. For example, as part of Week of Making's Community Build Project, Kevin Hardin, an engineering teacher at MC2 STEM High School Fab Lab in Cleveland (Ohio), has open sourced the plans for Geoconstructix, a low cost project-based lesson that engages learners in science and math and empowers them to fabricate their own geometric structures.

We want to showcase these kind of local learning experiences on the new SCOPESdf platform. Submit yours today and we will adapt a selection of ideas and activities into lessons aligned to recognized standards -- all aimed to promotes deeper explorations of digital fabrication in education!

Help Spread the Word!

Making something cool that you want to show the world? Share what you're making using hashtags on social meida: #WeekOfMaking #NationOfMakers #whatImade

Or share this message on Twitter: @FabFndn wants your ideas K12 #STEM @educator #makers! New #SCOPESdf project sponsored by @Chevron @GE_Foundation goo.gl/dpMxgB

More about SCOPESdf

Fab Foundation's new Scaling a Community of Practice for Education in STEM through Digital Fabrication (SCOPESdf) project aims to catalyze STEM learning in formal educational environments through digital fabrication technologies and practices found in a Fab Lab or makerspace.During this initial phase, we are collecting activities and projects from any educators engaged in STEM pursuits for K-12 learners. The purpose of the call for activities and projects is to compile digital fabrication lessons that have been aligned to standards and remixed for open source distribution. Featured SCOPESdf lessons will be organized into one format and attribute original content and sources to contributors. Lessons will be released under a Creative Commons CC by SA license, permitting free use and re-purposing by others (to align with our charter). During the 2017-18 school year, we will select schools to work with, creating curriculum, providing professional development and building out the community of practice in person and online through our platform on FabLabs.io.

More about National Week of Making

From June 16-22, 2017, the National Week of Making, led by Nation of Makers in collaboration with other organizations in the maker community, will showcase the diversity, creativity and ingenuity of makers across the United States. The Maker Movement is engaging students in hands-on, real world learning experiences, fostering local manufacturing, empowering more people to become entrepreneurs and making it possible for individuals to creatively solve important problems in their communities.

Join the Fab Foundation SCOPESdf Community of Practice for Educators Early

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News, research, and opportunities - sent weekly.