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Oct 31, 2016

The ISTE Seal of Alignment demonstrates your resource’s alignment to the ISTE Standards — an exclusive designation that will help establish your resource as a leader in educational technology and give you a competitive advantage in your target market.

Resources and products that earn the ISTE Seal of Alignment are reviewed for their ability to support critical digital age learning skills and knowledge. This unique recognition can provide your product with third-party validation and can help set it apart as a product that consciously, purposefully and meaningfully supports critical digital age teaching and learning standards.

In addition to increased visibility through use of an exclusive mark, the Seal of Alignment comes with support from ISTE's experts. And we’ll highlight your product on ISTE’s product pages, giving it further exposure to ed tech decision-makers.

Products and resources that earn a Seal of Alignment receive:

  • Exclusive third-party validation from ISTE.
  • A detailed report on alignment findings.
  • Announcements in ISTE’s membership newsletter.
  • Official seal logo for use in promotional and marketing materials.
  • Featured product listing on the ISTE website.
  • Promotional opportunities through various ISTE communication channels.
  • Options for targeted membership engagement.
  • Recognition and participation in special events at the annual ISTE Conference & Expo.

Apply now to earn this prestigious seal before ISTE 2017.

Get your product reviewed by ISTE

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