Connected Educator Month

Oct 31, 2014

Connected Educator Month (CEM) (http://connectededucators.org), originated by the US Department of Education, is a terrific opportunity for edupreneurs to put their latest offerings in front of the best audience in education, *connected educators*, who are both the most tech-savvy AND the most skilled and effective edtech evangelists. In 2013, CEM reached more than 14 million educators and others around the world via Twitter alone.

We face a challenge each year to put forward events & activities that are new & different, and we feel edupreneurs can add a lot of creativity to our slate. Whether you're at the earliest, ideational stage for your product (and looking for feedback) or have a finished offering to demonstrate, we'd love to see you put yourself on our calendar (http://connectededucatormonth2014.sched.org/submission) and give our community the opportunity to weigh in and buy in to the ways you're seeking to improve education.

Because of CEM's explosive growth, which has outstripped the Department of Education's ability to fund or manage it alone, Connected Educator Month has also become increasingly decentralized and collectively owned, opening up a range of new opportunities for companies to participate that weren't originally available. The top new ways to get involved in 2014 are detailed here (http://connectededucators.org/get-involved-for-2014/), most of which extend beyond October as we're working to put the celebration on a year-round footing in support of connected education, with October becoming a culmination and a jumping-off point, rather than just a beginning and an end.

Connected Educator Month

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