Bitsbox Giving Teachers Free Coding Kits for CSED Week

Nov 30, 2015

Bitsbox is a startup headquartered in Boulder, Colorado that teaches Javascript/HTML5 to children.  Kids practice writing Javascript into a free virtual tablet online in order to create their own apps, and they receive a subscription box in the mail with new apps to code each month.  


Computer Science Education Week's signature event is Hour of Code, where students throughout the world practice computer science for one full hour.  While much of the world recognizes the importance of learning how to code, Bitsbox knows that many teachers do not always have the resources to ensure that their students can participate.  Hence, Bitsbox is donating free coding kits to teachers throughout the world so they can have their classes participate in an Hour of Code (educators in the US and Canada get a physical kit, and partners in the rest of the world receive a digital replica.)


The coding kits serve a dual purpose.  On the one hand, they help teachers guide the children through the activity, and this is particularly important because many teachers themselves are not familiar with code.  On the other hand, the kits introduce a coding language to students in a way that they can become coders in no time.  


Educators should fill out a form by clicking 'Apply Now' to get a free kit.

Bitsbox Giving Teachers Free Coding Kits for CSED Week

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