Bammy Award Nominations

May 15, 2014

The Bammy Awards are open to all individuals involved in the field of education and working within the 26 defined categories and domains.

Nominees must have been active in the field for at least part of the current school year. Individuals may be nominated for multiple categories where appropriate.

Re-nominations are allowed. Every awards season is new and past nominees as well as past honorees can be submitted for consideration each new year.

There are two types of honors: The Bammy Awards and the Educator's Voice Awards. Nominations for the Bammy Awards are made exclusively by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences. Nominations for the Educator's Voice Awards, on the other hand, can be submitted by anyone. Self-nominations for the Educator's Voice Awards are accepted and encouraged. Community and self-nominated individuals who receive enough community votes may catch the attention of the Academy and be upgraded to an Academy nomination, making them eligible for a Bammy Award.

Only Academy-nominated individuals are eligible to display the official Bammy Awards nominee badge on their web sites. Official Academy nominees' badges should be linked to their profiles on the Bammy Awards web site. Only sites that are linked as described are confirmed Academy nominees.

The spirit of the Bammy Awards

The Bammy Awards are about celebrating the spirit of collaboration -- it's about "WE,’"not "me.” In that spirit, the Bammy Awards process is set up to select one of the many extraordinary educators in each sector of the education community to "represent" his or her part of the education village in a collective, national celebration of all the good being done in American education. We are looking for world-class contributors and model collaborators.

At the personal  level, a Bammy Award recognizes the individual's "contributions" to his or her sector of the education village and this grand collaboration we call education.

Bammy Award Nominations

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