What are we learnng about how we learn? Here are recent reports and research on what we know about education.

Does Education Reject New Evidence?
IGNORING THE FACTS: Though it’s no longer the 1800s and schools aren’t exactly like hospitals, one researcher proposes educators can learn a thing or two from the Semmelweis Reflex. The concept refers to people’s tendency to reject new evidence because it goes against established beliefs...
Digital Promise Launches ‘Research Map’ to Help Edtech Leaders, Developers Get Smarter
A WEB OF KNOWLEDGE: Are “market maps” still in vogue? (CB Insights recently published one for edtech startups but it befuddles us how Remind, EverFi and PowerSchool can all belong in the “learning management system” category.) This week, Digital Promise is borrowing that concept for its newly-released, interactive “Research Map” that aims to help education leaders and developers find learning science studies relevant to their work...