Learning Strategies


News about programs aiming to genuinely personalize learning by varying the learning objectives, content, presentation methods and pace to better suit the student.

Summit Basecamp Platform Raises Privacy Concerns
PRIVACY PROBLEMS: Analysis of a personalized learning platform developed by Summit and Facebook shows privacy concerns, The Washington Post reported. The platform developed around 2010 shows a student’s year-long learning plan and offers personalized lessons for everyone. Dozens of schools in the country are reportedly using it, but students’ personal data — email addresses, grades and internet activity — are being tracked and shared...
Study: Avoid the Iconography Trap of Personalized Learning
PERSONALIZED LEARNING TRAP: After visiting 37 schools in 15 cities, the Center on Reinventing Public Education is publishing its notes from the field on personalized learning. While many classrooms are making changes to structure, instruction and thinking to follow a personalized learning model, CRPE research finds some miss the mark when it comes to challenging content and meeting Common Core standards...