Learning Strategies


News about programs aiming to genuinely personalize learning by varying the learning objectives, content, presentation methods and pace to better suit the student.

Mountain View District Cuts Digital Program in Half After Parent Backlash
PARENTAL PUSH-BACK: Parents of fifth- and sixth-graders in Mountain View Whisman School District have railed at Teach to One, a digital math curriculum developed by New Classrooms that aims to tailor the sequence and content to the needs of each student. Among the complaints in a letter signed by 180 parents last December: the curriculum “does not follow a logical pathway” and “much of the instruction is quite shallow, in some cases even misleading and factually incorrect...
New Private-Public Partnership Seeks to Accelerate Personalized Learning in Massachusetts
A SWEET PARTNERSHIP: Exciting news for East Coast edtech innovators: The LearnLaunch Institute and the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education today announced a new public-private partnership aimed to get personalized learning tactics and tools exchanged and successfully implemented in more schools...