World Science Scholars Lead Education Specialist

World Science Festival - New York, NY - Full time

World Science Festival - New York, NY - Full time


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Program Description: The World Science Scholars (WSS) initiative focuses on identifying and selecting a small group of students worldwide who have demonstrated extraordinary mathematical talent, and providing them with a unique opportunity to: (1) vastly expand their perspective by exploring new arenas in which to apply their abilities, guided by renowned scientists and thinkers, (2) deepen their knowledge by grappling with challenging mathematical ideas in new and unfamiliar contexts, and (3) open new pathways along which their talent can flourish, facilitating their potential to spark revolutionary breakthroughs.

A primary goal of the WSS initiative is to enrich the perspective of profoundly gifted young math students, introducing them to a wealth of areas not typically considered mathematical. Through the WSS curriculum and faculty, students will be introduced to the powerful impact that mathematical prowess can have in solving complex challenges in a wide range of disciplines, including physics, biology, genetics, computer science, neuroscience, robotics, artificial intelligence, economics, security, agriculture, and finance, among others.

The WSS initiative will foster and sustain a vibrant community of young mathematical geniuses, dedicated teaching fellows, vital mentors, and renowned professors from around the world, all of whom are primarily connected through a state-of-the-art, flexible, and robust digital platform, designed to offer a visually rich online learning experience, providing in-depth, multi-layered experiences for the individual student.

About the Opportunity: The WSS Lead Education Specialist will oversee curriculum development and student recruitment, and will liaise with professors and curriculum advisors for the WSS program. The WSS initiative seeks to identify high school sophomores and juniors worldwide with extraordinary mathematical talent and provide them with unique opportunities to explore new arenas, outside the discipline of pure mathematics, in which to apply their abilities. The WSS Lead Education specialist provides training, support, and curriculum development as well as day-to-day operations support to the network of mentors, teaching fellows, and students. This position reports to the WSS Project Director.


●Primary responsibility is to guide the development of a rigorous and interactive curriculum delivered on a dynamic and state-of-the-art digital platform.

●Design lecture content, interactive demonstrations, problem sets, group challenge problems, reading materials, virtual office hour questions, group projects, and live session content.

●Work internally with other WSF departments for arrival of WSS cohorts to attend the World Science Festival, including determined main-stage programs, social events, and networking events.

●Develop strategies and manage the recruitment process for the WSS student cohort and review applications.

●Recruit WSS faculty, teaching fellows, and local mentors from a broad range of fields including physics, computer science, biology, chemistry, statistics, informatics, and economics.

●Assist in troubleshooting potential problems that may arise during the WSS program, such as with live discussions with professors, or student access to pre-recorded virtual office hours.

●Monitor the development of mobile learning platform; assist in maintenance of student/faculty profiles.

●Develop training materials and conduct orientations for faculty, teaching fellows, and local mentors.

●Guide the communications for both the WSS students as well as the faculty to maintain proper administration of the program.

●Periodically attend seminars on current technology and STEAM education in order to enhance operation of the WSS program.

Qualifications and Special Requirements:

●Bachelor’s degree in related fields of science or math.

●5-7 years of experience as an educator who has designed and administered college-level curriculums.

●Have demonstrated previous commitments to making science more engaging to students at the high school and/or college level.

●Experience developing innovative approaches to teaching including experience developing digital education platforms, content, and community.

●Ability to work with diverse constituencies, partner organizations, and stakeholders, both locally and nationally.

●Familiarity with the broader education and non-profit landscape, both in New York City and nationally.

●Exceptional verbal, written, social, and organizational skills.

How to Apply:

Please email applications to with “WSS Lead Education Specialist” in the subject line.


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No phone calls please.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without unlawful discrimination based on race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status or sexual orientation. The World Science Foundation is an equal employment opportunity employer.

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