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VP, Learning Innovation


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This job is genuinely a unicorn.  I promise there is nothing close to it on EdSurge.  So bear with me...

1. What's NewGlobe?  It is a network of 2,000 elementary schools in Africa and India. 

We constantly try new ideas.  Our goal?   Raise student achievement for our 800,000 children. 

Or more precisely: randomized trials already show that we raise student achievement.  We want to make those gains even bigger.  We know the pupils have the potential to do even better. 

We're somewhat unusual compared to other school networks in how much we appreciate rigorous evidence: RCTs.  Process-wise, we like to try ideas "small" and get feedback (from teachers, students, parents, observers).  The things that work best in our context we then try at 10 to 50 schools, while carefully measuring what happens.  Those things that "work" we then bring to a whole country or even to all our schools. 

2. Our current VP of Learning Innovation is about to take on a new challenge at NewGlobe.   So we seek a  new VP,  a "school-nerd" who loves studying every micro detail of schools, in hopes of unlocking learning gains for kids. 

Put it this way: there are a few people, who if they found a Netflix show entitled "Academic learning data," would binge watch it.  That's who we need to find. 

Loosely there are 3 buckets where by changing the details a little, we sometimes see sharp improvements:

a. “Learning Science” experiments. These are ideas from education psychologists.   For example, grouping students differently, or increasing the “ratio” of student effort to teacher talk, or teaching pupils how to set goals. 

b. The second bucket is “instructional processes.” Parent-teacher conferences. Older kids tutoring younger ones. Pleasure reading. Academic summer camps. Student incentives.

c. Innovation in the face of external challenges. Covid closes most African schools? And our families lack Zoom and internet and laptops?  Maybe we could teach via local radio.  

We hope to try more ed tech experiments over time – but for now access to devices, internet, and electricity is challenging given the poverty of the communities we serve. 

3. The right VP of Learning Innovation might be either be

a. A Data-savvy Practitioner (maybe the CEO or CAO of a high-performing group of high-poverty schools).  For them, this job could be fun because it leaves behind most management work (putting out fires, keeping the trains on track, $, politics, ops) – and focusing all their energy on creating learning gains and delight for students and their parents. 

b. An education researcher obsessed with gritty classroom practices. This type is very familiar with published research about Learning Science, more so than the Practitioner type, and better at actually setting up experimental conditions. They may have fewer instincts on precisely how to spec out an  intervention, but make for it in their ideas on how to measure both qualitatively and quantitatively. 

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NewGlobe is a network of 2,000+ elementary schools in the developing world.
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