Teacher to tutor and design content for IP projects for middle high schoolers and parents

Next Generation Leaders Inc - Culver City, CA - Part time

Next Generation Leaders Inc - Culver City, CA - Part time

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Teacher to tutor and coach in leadership program plus contribute/develop high-quality digital/app content for middle and high schoolers, small group setting

Positions available in both offices:

In Culver City 10608 Culver Blvd

In Manhattan Beach 500 S Sepulveda Blvd Unit 213

www.next-generation-leaders.com • (866) 501 8733 • info@next-generation-leaders.com

Why would I seek this position?

Do you love to teach but wish you could apply your craft in a smaller, more responsive environment?

Do you enjoy the creativity of designing lessons and projects that involve relevant real-world applications of academic skills?

Do you think often about the future of education, and do you want to help families navigate schooling, even as it changes before our eyes?

If you answered yes, you belong on our team at Next Generation Leaders.

We are looking for dynamic, experienced educators who are savvy to the culture of middle and high schools in West LA and the South Bay.

The nitty gritty:

Where would I be working, for how long, and what’s the compensation?

This is a year-round, part-time W-2 employee position, with the potential to grow into full-time in the future. You must be available for at least 10 hours a week, on a regular schedule, and we may be able to offer up to 20 hours a week. We’re looking for a commitment of at least one school year, but we’re most interested in long-term team members who want to grow with the company. Most of the hours are afternoons and evenings, as well as Saturdays, but we also need staff for our growing homeschool program, so there may be hours available during the “school day.”

We do not provide in-home tutoring, so you’ll usually be working at our center. No crazy driving schedules, trying to get from one client’s house to the next! You may occasionally be able to work from home: We may occasionally have video conference staff meetings or assign team members to work on curriculum projects off-site.

What would I be teaching, exactly?

You need to be comfortable providing instruction in at least two major academic subjects at the middle or high school level. One of those has to be math, through at least Algebra I.

You will also be teaching study and executive functioning skills, so you need to have good strategy for breaking tasks and topics down into accessible components, and using different approaches for different students.

Most importantly, you need to be able to sit in front of a student and pretty quickly “read” them: how their attitude, their learning style, their current challenge level and their approach to their class is impacting their comprehension and performance.

We are especially looking for candidates with experience in high school math and science (Algebra II, Trig, Pre-Calc, Calc or Stats; Chem, Physics), or foreign languages, in addition to reading, writing and general math. It’s ok if you need re-training in spot topics, but you need to have an intuitive grasp of how to approach technical material.

You are a strong candidate for this position if:

You have formal, credentialed classroom teaching experience with 6th-12th grade students.

You have small group instructional strategies for managing student behavior and engagement.

You have experience differentiating instruction in writing, reading and math for individual student needs and/or cultural relevance.

You have knowledge of the local schools and school culture and guidance counseling topics such as how to choose classes.

Please reply with your resume and a BRIEF (3-5 sentence) description of a teaching experience led by you in which you successfully differentiated instruction.

What’s the company culture?

This is more than just a tutoring gig. Next Generation Leaders has been serving students in West LA and the South Bay since 2003. Our company is a for-profit social venture, founded by credentialed teachers on a mission to support students through their transition into middle and high school by providing well-designed tutoring and study groups, excellent teaching and coaching in all the cognitive and leadership skills that make kids resilient in and out of school during their teens. In short, we are here to help students improve their school success, and “learn how to learn,” in and out of school.

We are still growing in the number of kids we serve, as we build new products and services to fit the changing educational landscape. You will have the opportunity to contribute to a variety of events and lesson platforms in addition to traditional content teaching.

Our organization is developing as well; if you come to work for us with thoughtfully and passionately, there is room for your role here to grow. We target and support your individual strengths and professional development goals as one of our team members, to help you become a better teacher, leader and coach. Our goal for team is to “learn how to learn,” just like our students.

What’s a day at this job like? Why the group model?

Whereas private tutoring can be an isolating experience for both the student and tutor, we believe learning in a structured and supportive group setting is the best for both the student and the teaching team. Teens’ academic development is critically connected to their social interactions and their identity in different contexts. We try to recognize this as we cultivate and strengthen our students' networks. We employ the group model to enhance their learning outcomes and their independence. We have carefully crafted a learning community where all students can take intellectual risks and work without the distractions of home.

As a professional, having an established center with set class times means we can offer you a consistent schedule, so you don’t have to deal with the constant cancellations and appointment hustling that you would have to manage as a private tutor. We work collaboratively, and problem-solve together when difficulties arise with particular families.

We deliver instruction in a setting that we call semi-private (one to four students at a time at your table, within a larger group of 8-12 in the class). That said, we do make a great effort to give each student some one-on-one instruction during their group class. Our style of teaching involves tried-and-true fundamentals of master teaching: good relationships, culturally relevant tools, and expert differentiation of material.

So working for NextGen becomes a laboratory for developing your best teaching, and a community in which you develop long-term relationships with students and families. This is a chance to deepen and apply your skills in differentiation, student engagement and methodologies for each topic. This position is right for you if teaching is not a "job" but a vocational calling.

We serve 4th-12th graders, mostly once a week, at our two-hour classes. Some need remedial support and some are working at the AP/honors level. About a third of the students have special needs diagnoses ranging from ADHD to autism to cognitive processing, but nearly all of them are under-performing in school due to lack of focus and study skills. We offer instruction in math (mostly pre-algebra to pre- calculus), English, science, history and Spanish. Sometimes we are only responding to schoolwork, but most students receive a hybrid program from us that include responsive tutoring and original lesson extensions that we select (we may design these ourselves or use existing published curricula) to help them meet their goals. Our team spends a couple of hours each day prepping for the sessions, which may include collaboration with other staff, checking school and teacher websites to anticipate what the students may bring in, and self-study or professional development in topics of need.

We provide a dynamic, mentorship-like environment in which students can understand their own learning style, develop leadership, organization and communication skills, and explore extracurricular and career interests. We integrate leadership coaching to help students develop a vision of where they are going in life and how to get there via their education and activities!

We have an 85-90% retention rate from one school year to the next, so this is a fantastic opportunity to build a long-term relationships with the students and parents, and use that to provide highly individualized support.

I'm in! The values and goals of this program are very similar to my own as an educator. How do I apply?

Please attach your resume or CV and a one-paragraph cover letter describing a way in which you differentiated instruction recently for your students, and how you might do it differently if you did that lesson again. We will contact you to schedule a brief phone interview, and if that indicates that you would be a good candidate, we'll proceed to an in-person working interview, where you will join one of our classes and help some students so we can evaluate your skills, and a follow-up interview to debrief your trial session. 

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Next Generation Leaders Inc

A for-profit social venture founded by teachers, Next Generation Leaders is a community where teens get engaged in their learning, and develop a vision of their future. Metacognitive tutoring, leadership coaching.

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