ELR89 (Sherpath)- SMEs needed for Pediatric Nursing

LearningMate - Remote - Part time

We are looking for qualified professions meeting the below criteria:

  1. SME qualifications needed:

Hiring Criteria:

A minimum of 3 years clinical experience or experience in their field of study; must be recent (within the past 5 years)

Must have an unencumbered, current license/certification

Educators preferred but this is not a requirement

Proficient in writing with knowledge of APA formatting

Must be able to submit a writing sample if requested

Experience with implementing Bloom’s taxonomy and aligning to learning objectives

Experience with item construction

Ensuring congruence between subject of stem and answer choices

Ensuring parallel structure of answer choices

Experience in working with answer-specific rationales. (Rationales must reinforce learning for correct answers or explain why distractors are incorrect)

Specialities Required include:

Candadian Drug Calc

Pediatric Nursing,

Psychiatric Nursing,

Community Nursing


Attend training sessions at onset of project

Submit a sample assessment as part of training

Writing objective-based assessments (Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Fill in the blank) with rationales

Implement revisions in a timely manner based on two rounds of review

Internal review from Developmental Editor before delivery of first draft to client

Client review

  1. SCOPE: SME will be responsible for delivering all the assessment types as mentioned above and incorporate feedback as needed.
  1. TIMELINES:Project Start Date: ImmediateCompletion Date: 31 Jul-2021
  1. PAYOUT RATES:$8.00 - Knowledge Check

$10.00 - Post-lesson assessment item

  1. NO. OF VACANCIES: 8-10

Our Email contact:

If you are unable to apply here, please send in your applications to freelancers.us@learningmate.com. Please copy & Paste the subject Line “ELR89 (Sherpath)- SMEs needed for Pediatric Nursing” in your reach out to us.

If you are a company having expertise in Nursing & Healthcare topics and would be interested in partnering with LearningMate, you are welcome to do so maintaining the specifications mentioned above.

There are vacancies open for varied Nursing Disciplines; Please send us your CV in the above email ID, and we will find a suitable fit.

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