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About the Project

InnovateEDU strives to create real tooling and projects that greatly assist a school district in moving toward embracing a data standard and interoperability. Landing Zone, a project at InnovateEDU, provides school districts with a comprehensive data infrastructure through the implementation of an Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS), data mart for analytics in Google BigQuery, and the necessary data workflows in Apache Airflow to connect previously siloed, disparate educational data systems. Landing Zone simplifies the process a district must go through to implement an Ed-Fi ODS, connecting Ed-Fi certified data sources, and consuming non-Ed-Fi certified data once has been aligned to the standard. This project has a heavy focus on data engineering, backend work, dev ops, and using data analytics tools to verify data.

Who You Are

You are a mission-driven individual and believe in working to close the educational achievement gap through the use of data and technical solutions. You get excited about DevOps and how continuous integration and infrastructure as code enable teams to provide a higher quality solution more quickly. You think a lot about how to scale technical solutions to have maximum impact. You’re super into Dockerizing everything and think Kubenetes is awesome. You know how important it is that updates are rolled out to the school districts we serve in a timely manner and are into the challenge of managing code releases when some customers have customizations.

You are an optimistic problem-solver because the landscape of data in education can be complicated, but believe that together we can create real solutions that help the entire sector move forward. You are excited to join a growing team working on an early-stage product and are looking forward to working on lots of different pieces of that product. You are open to feedback, bring your best every day, and are ready to grow in all areas of your work. You want to join a team of folks who share your vision for mission-driven work at the intersection of education and technology. Finally, you know that sharing often is key to this work and are ready to document everything that you do so that data people in schools everywhere can benefit.

Technologies We Use

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Apache Airflow
  • Python 3
  • Bitbucket Pipelines
  • Google Deployment Manager / Terraform
  • Postgres
  • Google BigQuery
  • Kubernetes / Docker
  • Debian
  • Git/Bitbucket
  • Jira

Experience and Skills

The ideal candidate will have experience in some or all of the following areas:

  • Strong DevOps experience, in particular:
    • Continuous Integration (Bitbucket Pipelines experience a plus)
    • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform experience a plus)
    • Monitoring and Logging (Stackdriver experience a plus)
  • Strong knowledge of Kubernetes, experience with Google Kubernetes Engine a plus
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and with teams
  • Familiarity with the Google Cloud Platform, Google Cloud Certifications a plus
  • Apache Airflow experience a plus
  • Experience working with Python, SQL, restful APIs
  • Strong QA experience a plus
  • Experience with Pandas and Jupyter Notebooks a plus
  • Experience working with data warehouses a plus
  • Experience within K12 education a plus
  • Experience working with Ed-Fi a plus


At a high level, this person will own DevOps and related functions for the Landing Zone team. They will work closely with the Lead Developer and Engineering Manager. We are also a small team, so during parts of the year this person may need to contribute as a general developer. More specifically, the Senior Developer will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Managing/developing our CI/CD and release practices
  • Managing/developing our infrastructure and infrastructure deployment
  • Managing/developing our development environments
  • Helping develop best practices for source control, Docker, and Kubernetes usage
  • Managing our multiple small Kubernetes Clusters
  • Managing Identity and Account Management (IAM)
  • Mentoring developers via code reviews and 1-1 interaction
  • Providing input to the Engineering Manager on the engineering road map
  • Providing tier 2 support on service desk tickets as necessary
  • Writing unit tests
  • Contributing development to the rest of the Landing Zone infrastructure as necessary


We are a small team working on a complex problem that means everyone has to be a bit of a generalist and pitch in to deliver value to our customers. With that being said, we have the following specific projects in mind for the person in this position over the course of the next year. If these get you pumped, this is the right position for you!

  • Taking the lead on improving our code delivery/release practices.
  • Designing and implementing a blue-green deployment strategy for a relatively complex data infrastructure.
  • Developing/Modifying a Helm Chart for Apache Airflow to run on Google Kubernetes Engine using the Airflow KubernetesExecutor and GCS Fuse.
  • Moving our Ed-Fi infrastructure to Docker/Kubernetes to speed up testing and decrease infrastructure costs.
  • Updating / creating Terraform configuration files for deploying our infrastructure on the Google Cloud Platform
  • Building the Google Deployment Manager or Terraform templates for a click to deploy Ed-Fi solution for the Google Cloud Marketplace

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InnovateEDU is committed to massively disrupting K-12 public education by focusing on the development of scalable tools and practices that leverage innovation, technology, and new human capital systems to improve education for all students and close the achievement gap.
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