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Maybeck High School, an inclusive and vibrant school grounded in community and individuality, is seeking a thoughtful and dynamic educator to lead through collaboration and compassion as the next School Director. Founded 50 years ago in Berkeley, California, when four local teachers rebelled against censorship in the classroom, Maybeck was established with academic freedom at its core - freedom for students and staff, alike. Today, Maybeck thrives from that practice of freethinking. It is an intentionally small school with an enrollment of approximately 115 students. This allows students to be known deeply, forming close bonds with each other and with each member of staff. Community is at the heart of Maybeck in a way that not many other schools can claim. It is a unique school that nurtures young people who know and believe in their self-worth due largely to the acceptance, support, and respect they receive from the Maybeck community.

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the School Director is simultaneously the public face of the school, an enthusiastic educator, and its central administrator. While the School Director has executive decision-making authority regarding many of the school’s affairs, they are expected to actively collaborate and to build consensus among thefull staff when making educational and operational decisions. Administrative leadership at Maybeck is unique in this way. Maybeck was founded as a school run by teachers and this is still true today. While many schools centralize decision-making authority to a “Leadership Team,” at Maybeck, leadership is extended across all staff through several different committees that plan, propose, and decide policy and operations. To this end, Maybeck’s School Director must have a broad-minded definition of servant leadership, with sincere intention and demonstration of placing the group before the individual.

The Position and Strategic Priorities

In partnership with the staff, the Director will guide the school community both in everyday planning and long-term strategic direction, including helping to develop the next strategic plan. The Director is the outward facing spokesperson for the school, and as such, will provide persuasive and transparent communication that faithfully represents Maybeck’s culture and its core values. In guiding and structuring the efforts of the staff to achieve Maybeck’s mission, the Director will clarify Maybeck’s identity as a school through a collaborative process that will ultimately help strengthen Maybeck’s position in the marketplace.

In the coming years, the Director can anticipate being a part of several important conversations on topics that include: ensuring a robust, high-quality academic program that challenges and supports a diversity of learners and learning styles; providing critical leadership in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging (DEIJB) to deliver economic and racial diversity in admissions, embed DEIJB practice and norms into student activities and life, and foster an inclusive community that ensures a space and a voice for all groups and identities; staying current on pedagogical practices for the classroom through professional development as appropriate for all staff; and collaborating with the Board to seek non-tuition avenues of fundraising that will increase our endowment and allow us to expand our commitment to significant economic diversity in our student body..

The Director is the keeper of Maybeck’s collective vision, and with that, is a teacher, at heart and in practice. The Director will be seen and known on campus and in the classroom. This is not a role where one stays locked behind the closed door of an office; rather, it entails leading from within as an active participant in daily life. The Director will provide additional operational structure and vision to maintain Maybeck’s spirit. The School is an amalgam of college preparatory, personalized education, quirky characters, and autonomous staff and students. As a result, the Director must be adaptable, well-rounded, curious, open-minded, and patient while navigating a unique governance structure and simultaneously graduating students who consistently attend some of the top colleges and universities in the country.


External Relations, Community Building, and Outreach

  • Acts as spokesperson at school events, gatherings, meetings, Open Houses, and graduations.
  • Is actively involved in student recruitment and admissions, with support from the Admissions Director.
  • Oversees staff hiring process and makes final hiring decisions alongside the Academic Dean in consideration of recommendations by hiring committees.
  • Formalizes communication processes to ensure constructive engagement with the community.
  • Writes/reviews all significant outgoing communications.
  • Acts as liaison between the staff and the extended Maybeck community, including the landlord and the Elmwood neighborhood.
  • Acts as liaison to other schools and to organizations such as the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the East Bay Independent Schools Association (EBISA), and the Bay Area Independent School Heads Association (BAISHA).
  • Directs the marketing plan (including website) with support from appropriate staff.
  • Oversees staff responsible to complete the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation process, including ongoing planning and preparation of materials.

In-House Responsibilities

  • Is accessible at school:
    • Is a visible presence throughout the school day, connecting with students, staff, and parents.
    • Leads all-school events, assemblies, and outdoor retreats.
  • Leads staff meetings:
    • Finalizes agenda, facilitates discussion, calls votes, brings discussion to a clear and timely decision.
  • Tends to the social and emotional well-being of students, in partnership with parents and the Director of Counseling and Student Life.
  • Meets individually with each staff member at least once a year to discuss performance, growth, and an individual development plan.
  • Performs legal consultation regarding policies and emergent events in conjunction with the Board.
  • Helps to resolve student, parent, and staff concerns.
  • Partners with the Academic Dean to supervise the work and performance of all staff.
  • Attends all Maybeck Parents’ Association meetings.
  • Coordinates mentorship of new staff members.
  • Manages the exit process for departing staff members.
  • Assures staff receive regular development in mandated areas as well as in areas they are passionate about.


  • Works with the Board and staff on strategic advancement and fundraising.
  • Meets regularly with the Business Manager to review financial reports, build budget priorities, and evaluate tuition rates.


  • Periodically teaches a one semester-long class, leads workshops at all-school retreats, and occasionally leads a special program.

Oversight of Position

  • Reports to the Board of Directors and communicates regularly with the Board President. The School Director’s performance will be evaluated regularly by the Board.
  • Apprises the Board of current school operations, significant personnel changes, financial updates, enrollment, and community relations. This involves attending all board meetings and having regular contact with the Board President.


  • Skilled at promoting a cohesive and inclusive community by engaging with all constituents.
  • Capable of inspiring trust, motivating others, and building community.
  • Deeply committed to and fluent with the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Student-focused with a keen interest in and experience with secondary school-aged students.
  • Collaborative and creative team player who looks to build consensus.
  • Adept at collaborative personnel management.
  • Communicates effectively with all stakeholders.
  • Deep advocate of staff; ability to challenge them while also supporting their autonomy.
  • Able to see both students and adults as whole people.


  • Bachelor’s degree required, advanced degree preferred.
  • Must have 3+ years of administrative experience.
  • Financial acumen with an understanding of finance and budget management.
  • Experience with fundraising.
  • 5+ years experience teaching at the High School level.

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StratéGenius is a search firm partnering exclusively with K-12 independent schools. StratéGenius’ core tenet has been, and remains: to promote and champion equity and belonging in education by improving diversity among independent school teachers and leaders.
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