Reliability Engineer

Desmos - San Francisco, CA - Full time


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Having your lesson plan fail in front of students is an unpleasant experience to say the least. Yet, teachers all over the world trust Desmos by using it in their classrooms. This is why one of our core values is that our software works every time.

Our activities and calculator have to work on a variety of browsers and devices, often in poor network conditions, and keep up with growing traffic and ever changing functionality. Our small engineering team meets this challenge by operating a scalable, distributed infrastructure (AWS, Postgres, MongoDB). We automate our testing (node, js) and deployment pipeline (Jenkins) and monitor (Redshift, Looker) our systems. Our team is always evaluating new technologies and ways of working together to improve the quality of our products and the developer experience.

Core Requirements

• Experience deploying, improving and monitoring technologies described above, or similar infrastructure.

• Demonstrated ability to research, prioritize and implement projects with impact on site reliability and performance.

• Excellent communication skills.

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Experience Level

1 or more years


In our first act, we reinvented the graphing calculator, bringing the block of plastic you used in high school into the 21st century with one of the most advanced HTML5 apps on the web. We sustained and grew our business by selling API access to that tool to established and emerging partners, helping them push their content and assessment offerings to new heights.

In our second act, we are setting a new standard for digital math content, combining the best ideas from education research, technology, and design thinking. We have a large and growing community of millions of students and teachers around the world. We have just scratched the surface of what we want to accomplish, and we need your help.

We're based in the heart of San Francisco, in a beautiful sunny office in SOMA. We’re well-funded by fantastic investors, and are growing rapidly. Come join us as we tackle the hard problems we love and build an enduring company in the process.

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