Purchase Order Coordinator

Teachers Pay Teachers - New York, NY - Full time

Teachers Pay Teachers - New York, NY - Full time

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Job Description:

As a member of our Business Operations team, you will help us manage our purchase orders during the critical back to school period and throughout the year.


  • Help manage the complete Purchase Order process, including moving orders through the cycle, following up with schools about orders, and answering questions from our users
  • Learn TpT's products, services, processes, and tools to ensure a polished, positive interaction with our school buyers
  • Problem-solve pain points of Purchase Order experience and ensure back to school processing proceeds smoothly
  • Achieve metrics-based goals to ensure that our community has a great experience

Qualities for a successful candidate:

  • Believes in our mission to connect and empower teachers
  • Proven ability to manage detail-oriented issues in a fast-paced environment, and a true commitment to a positive user experience
  • Creative problem-solver willing and able to do whatever it takes to quickly and efficiently give a user a great experience
  • Track record of operating independently and collaboratively
  • Strong communicator
  • A personality that no job is too big or small, and ability to do almost anything, whatever it takes to get the job done well and efficiently


  • 3-5 years of experience
  • Experience processing Purchase Orders or similar financial support functions

Extra Points:

  • Past experience working with Schools or public institutions

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Experience Level

Mid Level

Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers (or TpT, as we call it) is a community of millions of educators who come together to share their work, their insights, and their inspiration with one another. We are the first and largest open marketplace where teachers share, sell, and buy original educational resources. 

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