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Golden Oak Collective - Portola Valley, California - Full time

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Job description

We are a fun, flexible, kind, open-minded, multinational family of five looking to provide our oldest daughter (age 6) and eventually our two other children (ages 4 and 2) with a unique educational journey by launching a ‘school’ in our guesthouse that will be part homeschool (i.e. our children will spend part of the day learning alongside a teacher but without other children), part microschool (i.e. part of the week we will invite other homeschooled children to learn and play together) and part worldschool (i.e. we plan to spend 6-8 weeks each year traveling and learning overseas). Your role will be to: 1) homeschool our rising 1st grade daughter (and eventually our son) in core subjects like math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and art, 2) lead our microschool which will meet three half days per week for ~8 six and seven year olds (one of these half days will be spent at nature preserves or other field trips) and 3) travel with our family for 6-8 weeks each year. We are looking for a private educator who is deeply passionate about learning and who loves interacting with children. You should be creative, intelligent, fun, passionate, flexible, well-organized, open-minded and positive. If your vision of an ideal school is one where children sit quietly while the teacher stands at the blackboard going through structured lessons, this isn’t the role for you. But if you love the idea of children being given a lot of flexibility to pursue what they are interested in, and to do it in a hands-on way that emphasizes real-world learning over text books, this just might be your dream job!


Portola Valley, CA

Start date

This role will start full-time in September 2021 but we are looking to find our dream candidate now so we can involve him/her in the planning for our ‘school’. So think of it as a role that might require a few paid hours a month between now and Sept 2021, and then a full-time role after that.


  • Guide our soon to be 7 year-old daughter through core subjects like math, reading, writing, science, social studies and art (our 4 year old will join next school year).
  • Identify the best materials (online and offline) to teach our children.
  • Document and evaluate our children’s progress.
  • Manage our classroom and ensure it is always well stocked with books, art supplies, and other inspiring materials.
  • Help to organize and (sometimes) accompany our children to extracurricular activities.
  • Design a ‘curriculum’ for our microschool that emphasizes socialization, communication skills and learning together via hands-on projects.
  • Be the lead teacher for our microschool (we will provide at least one parent volunteer to help you on nature/excursion days).
  • Plan and carry out field trips for our microschool - these trips will heavily emphasize time in nature but may also include museums, libraries and other indoor locations when the weather is bad.
  • Coordinate with other families whose children attend our microschool (you will not be responsible for the academic progress of these children; they are joining the microschool for socialization and peer-to-peer learning, not core academics).
  • Travel with us overseas (mostly to New Zealand and Switzerland because that is where we, the parents, were brought up but we may travel to other countries too) and continue the children’s education while we are there - this will include continuing to guide them through their core subjects, helping to organize activities like camps and extra curriculars, planning meetups with local families, field trips, service projects and more.
  • Consume educational blogs, books, podcasts etc to stay on top of the latest ideas and to constantly challenge your thinking and be inspired.

Ideal candidate

You adore children, especially early elementary age, and you adore teaching. You have a very open-minded and creative approach to teaching that adapts to the needs and interests of the child. You are constantly looking for ways to make learning come alive and to make it feel relevant and interesting. You are very adaptable and able to change your plan on a dime if you see a child getting excited about a topic or losing interest. You believe in giving kids a lot of choice in their learning and in empowering them to manage their own education. You believe that developing skills like creativity, critical thinking, communication and EQ are at least as important as reading, writing and arithmetic. You are excited for the opportunity to develop your own curriculum and manage your own little ‘school’. You are warm, fun, kind, open-minded, reliable, well-organized, flexible, patient, optimistic, passionate, intelligent, creative and a lot of fun!

Qualifications & skills

  • Bachelor's degree or higher from a respected college or university
  • Demonstrated experience with and love of children
  • Demonstrated passion for learning
  • Desire and ability to travel for 6-8 weeks/year
  • Previous experience teaching K-4 preferred


  • Competitive salary ($100K/year)
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Housing allowance
  • All travel expenses will be covered and you will be provided with your own apartment when we travel
  • Vacation time 6-8 weeks

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Golden Oak Collective is a homeschooling hub for kind, imaginative and curious kids (ages 6-8). We focus on hands-on projects, group discussions, free play and other fun activities that maximize the children's social interactions and opportunity to learn from each other.
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