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Job Description for School Administration:


The principal and assistant principal of a school, a person in good canonical standing with the Roman Catholic Church, is a person of faith who functions as spiritual leader and instructional leader in close collaboration with the high school chaplain in accordance with the diocesan and school mission statements and philosophy.


As a spiritual leader: 

• Functions as a religious leader working with the pastor (elementary) or chaplain (high school) to continually uplift the school’s mission and philosophy in accordance with the goals of Catholic education. 

• Witnesses Gospel values and promotes Catholic moral teaching in the policies and life of the school 

• Demonstrates evidence of knowledge of the Catholic philosophy of education. 

• Assists the pastor or chaplain in ensuring quality Catholic religious instruction of students. 

• Encourages involvement with parish communities. 

• Works towards enhancing the school’s Catholic identity within the school and greater community. 

• Empowers and motivates teachers in sustaining the faith community of the student body. 

• Assists the chaplain in providing opportunities for religious experiences for staff, students, and the school community. 

• Ensures that all faculty and staff are committed to the goals of Catholic education. 

• Assists the pastor or chaplain in nurturing the faith development of faculty and staff through opportunities for spiritual growth. 

• Supports the pastor or chaplain in his ministerial priesthood of teaching, divine worship and pastoral governance. 

• Supports and fosters consistent practices of Christian service. As an Instructional leader: 

• Plans, evaluates, and adjusts the on-site instructional programs to adhere to the diocesan curriculum standards, Western Catholic Education Association (WCEA), North Central Association (NCA), and the students’ needs. 

• Promotes an effective teaching/learning environment which encourages the implementation of various teaching strategies that engage learners. 

• Develops the master teaching schedule and any special assignments. 

• Allocates instructional planning resources in alignment with financial resources to meet student needs. 

• Monitors testing programs and communicates student data to parents and the school community. 

• Collaborates with local public school districts regarding federal services, educational programs and allocations for teachers and students. 

• Assumes responsibility for his/her own professional growth and development. As a school leader:

1. Administration 

• Follows established policies, practices and procedures of the Diocese of Phoenix. 

• Sends completed diocesan forms and reports to the Catholic Schools Office by due dates. 

• Follows through on decisions. 

• Identifies and effects needed change. 

• Interprets and uses research to guide action plans. 

• Recognizes and fosters leadership ability among staff. 

2. Teaching/Learning 

• Integrates Catholic principles throughout the curriculum in collaboration with the pastor or chaplain. 

• Promotes an effective teaching/learning environment. 

• Develops and implements a balanced curriculum providing for proper articulation. 

• Creates an environment which encourages teachers to develop creative programs. 

• Makes diocesan curriculum standard guides available. 

3. Communication 

• Initiates and/or facilitates open communication within the school community. 

• Interprets the school programs and policies for the school community. 

• Maintains regular dialogue with the Diocesan Catholic Schools Office personnel and attends and actively participates in Diocesan administrator meetings. 

• Establishes and publishes the local school calendar in accordance with state law and diocesan directives. 

• Maintains a cooperative and friendly relationship with other Catholic schools. 

• Fosters school participation in the local civic community when appropriate. 

• Schedules regular faculty meetings and establishes vehicles of communication with the faculty. 

4. Personnel 

• Hires, supervises, evaluates and develops a competent faculty and staff in accordance with Diocesan, WCEA and NCA standards.

 • Works in collaboration with the pastor and chaplain to hire, supervise and evaluate a competent faculty in theology and campus ministry that are faithful to the Catholic Church teachings. 

• Establishes and maintains open communication with the faculty and staff. 

• Maintains complete and accurate personnel records according to diocesan guidelines. 

• Provides in-service and professional growth opportunities for faculty and staff that are aligned with continuous school improvement. 

• Provides training and documentation of policies and procedures as directed by the diocese and the state. 

• Facilitates faculty meetings on a regular basis. 

• Encourages the creativity and uniqueness of each faculty and staff member. 

• Develops a comprehensive faculty handbook. 

5. Students 

• Develop and implement a comprehensive parent/student handbook which reflects Gospel values. 

• Provides for the safety, welfare and care of the students including a school-wide crisis plan. 

• Oversees all school activities and after school programs. 

• Ensures that the rights and needs of the individual student are respected as stated in the parent/student handbook. 

• Ensures academic and health records are maintained according to Diocesan and AZ State Health Department regulations. 

• Conducts conferences with individual students as necessary. 

• Follows diocesan protocol in cases of suspected child abuse. 

6. School Advisory Board 

• Works cooperatively with the pastor or chaplain and school advisory board to communicate the school’s mission 

• Updates the board on school operations, Catholic identity, new church documents, diocesan policies, current educational trends, issues, laws, financial status of the school, and other appropriate topics. 

• Encourages participation in the Diocesan School Board In-Services. 

7. Parents/Guardians 

• Recognizes and respects that the parents are the primary educators of their children. 

• Facilitates appropriate parent involvement in the school. 

• Provides adequate training for parents/guardians who serve as volunteers. 

• Ensures communication of student progress on a regular basis. 8. Finance 

• Follows all diocesan financial policies and procedures. 

• Prepares the annual school budget in conjunction with the school finance committee, the recommendation of the school advisory board, and approval of the superintendent. 

• Monitors budget and reviews finances in a timely manner. 

• Provides for a system of accurate and timely collection and disbursement of school monies. 

• Oversees tuition assistance allocations. 

• Initiates, coordinates, and oversees fundraising activities as needed to supplement the budget. 

9. Professional Growth 

• Directs and provides for professional growth of the staff to ensure effective teaching methodologies. 

• Provides orientation for teachers new to the school. 

• Provides yearly faculty orientation to diocesan and school policies and procedures. 

• Provides training on the “Safe Environment” and “Policy on Sexual Misconduct by Diocesan Personnel” & “Harassment Policy and Procedures” for all staff. 

• Plans in-service sessions according to faculty needs. 10. Marketing and Development 

• Promotes the positive image of the school by establishing positive public relations within and outside the school community. 

• Oversees programs for the effective recruiting and retention of students. 

• Initiates and directs both short and long-range planning for the school. • Oversees the promotion of the Catholic Education Arizona program. 

11. Records 

• Manages an effective and efficient office and record-keeping system 

• Maintains complete, accurate, up-to-date personnel and student records according to diocesan guidelines 

• Prepares reports as required 

• Supervises correspondence and publications 

12. Physical Plant 

• Ensures a clean, secure, and orderly campus. 

• Monitors a schedule for the upkeep and preventive maintenance of the buildings and grounds. 


• Must be practicing Catholic (Bona-Fide Occupational Qualifications - BOFQ) and be willing to sign a Profession of Faith. 

• Must have a Masters Degree in Educational Administration. 

• Must be certified by the Arizona State Department of Education as a principal. 

• Must meet Ministry Formation Certification as required by diocesan policy. 

• Must have a minimum of five years teaching experience. 

• Must have received Safe Environment Training and signed the Code of Conduct. 

• Must have FBI Fingerprint clearance completed. 

*Note - This is a generic job description. Actual job postings for principal and/or assistant principal may have different job descriptions and requirements.

Job Title : 2020-2021 School Administrator (Principal & Assistant Principal) - Generic Employment Pool

Primary Location : Diocese of Phoenix CSO

Salary Range : Per Year

Shift Type : Full-Time

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