Business Operations Manager

Mystery Science - San Francisco, CA - Full time

We’re hiring an operations manager to ensure our internal business continues to run smoothly as we prepare to double the size of our team, from 15 to 30 people. In this role, you’ll work closely with our CEO, taking the lead on HR, legal, and financial matters while assisting with business processes throughout the company. You need to be able to learn complex software quickly as Mystery Science relies on custom software to automate and streamline business operations. You’ll be the first full-time member of our operations team, overseeing our outside bookkeeper, accountant, and legal counsel and helping us grow the operations team over the net year. Mystery Science is headquartered in San Francisco and this role is based in our SF office.

What is expected of this role?

You’ll take the lead on HR matters such as recruiting, onboarding new employees, and standardizing our compensation & benefits. You’ll also take the lead on financial matters by overseeing our bookkeeper and accountant; creating budgets and basic financial models; and streamlining reimbursements, reconciliation, and accounts receivables. Finally, you’ll take the lead on various initiatives such as revising legal agreements with our outside counsel or streamlining our photo credits & approval process to ensure we have complete records of all photography licenses.

In all the operations mentioned above, you won’t find any messes that need to be cleaned up. On the contrary, you’ll already find an initial process that is streamlined and often with a great degree of automation. To successfully take the lead on business operations, you need to be someone who is quick to learn new technology and at ease with complex software systems that need to be configured and tuned. You don’t need to have any programming experience, but you should be comfortable creating a spec for a programmer that outlines how a system needs to be changed to meet the business needs. At Mystery Science, we try to get computers to do repetitive work since that’s what they’re best at; we want our people to do what they’re best at—thinking.

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3 or more years

Mystery Science

Mystery Science creates open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science. We reach children before they've lost their natural curiosity so we can help the next generation develop a scientific understanding of the world. We are reaching hundreds of thousands of children this school year by helping classroom teachers and homeschoolers to teach science. Our plan is to be teaching 5 million kids in America each week by 2020 and we're well on our way.

Mystery Science was started by two long-time friends, Doug Peltz and Keith Schacht. Doug was a master classroom teacher, a science department head, and the creator of an original science curriculum that made science the most popular subject at his school. Keith Schacht, our CEO, has started and sold three technology companies, was a product manager at Facebook, and a TED speaker.

What is the Mystery Science team like?

We are a team of people passionate about science and teaching, and we love our respective crafts. We enjoy talking about science news, visiting science museums, tinkering with engineering projects, writing science fiction, kids, going on hikes, and classroom teaching.

We are also passionate about the details. We obsess over customer feedback and are constantly iterating and improving based on what we hear. We release multiple updates to our website every day and implement new features days after conceiving of them. We test every science activity, observe every lesson in classrooms, and talk with teachers constantly to improve upon what we’ve released. We are taking responsibility for the future of learning and bringing the best science education to every child in the world.

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