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RocketLit - Remote - Full time

Our new platform, www.InnerOrbit.com, features the highest quality NGSS Assessments, phenomena, and 3D reports on the market. We're looking to grow our team with a full-time NGSS Assessment writer/content manager/curriculum designer. We’re looking for part-time assessment writers too, through a different job post.

Qualified candidates will have:

  • A deep, conceptual understanding of and passion for the NGSS.
  • The ability to manage projects with many moving parts (i.e. writing assessments, working with district partners to design assessments, managing/editing assessments written by a team of contractors, etc)
  • Significant experience using DCIs, CCCs, SEPs, and Evidence Statements in assessment design and/or instruction.
  • Knowledge of assessment systems at the classroom/school/district/state level including historical roles of assessment in the marginalization of minority communities.
  • Phenomena-driven assessment examples to share as evidence of your expertise.
  • A desire to thrive through feedback, coaching, and learning.
  • An unreasonable drive for providing the very best for ALL students and teachers.
  • An appreciation for the gravity of assessments in educational decisions at both classroom and district-wide levels to support equitable movements.
  • A deep understanding of all/most science content areas.

How will we help you grow?

  • Coaching on NGSS Assessment design, crystallized over the writing of thousands of assessments and working with hundreds of districts.
  • Experience working with a growing Edtech company, founded and run by teachers.
  • Virtual, flexible work with a satisfyingly measurable impact on student learning and teacher quality of life.

How do I apply?

  • Send an email to careers@rocketlit.com with the following:
    • An example of the difference between sense-making and representation.
    • An assessment sample, with a focus on sense-making and the three dimensions.
    • A resume
    • Full-time or part-time?
    • Optional:
      • 3-5 sentences on why this opportunity is a good fit for you (sell yourself on it).
      • 3-5 sentences on why you would be a good fit for this opportunity. (sell us on you).

Apply for this job

Apply for this job


Curriculum Design

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RocketLit was founded in the classroom and our newest product (InnerOrbit) provides the highest quality NGSS Assessments on the market. We're growing quickly and this position will help to manage the growth in our assessment content and curriculum design.
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