Marketing Operations Associate

Wonderschool - San Francisco, CA - Full time


You will be the point person for new Directors as they navigate through the admissions phase of their setup process with One Preschool. Our goal at One Preschool is to build a scalable product that Directors can use to manage the entire experience of their school. Your goal will be to help Directors achieve their admissions goals (which typically means reaching their capacity as soon as possible) as quickly as possible using scalable cost effective channels. Our goal is to empower Directors to handle a lot of the marketing themselves or use our platform for marketing and you will work with the CEO, engineering team, and design team to achieve these goals.


The right person for this job is beyond excited to put in the work to succeed at a startup and take on the challenges of putting in 110%, being adaptable as we learn, and working with the team we have in place to achieve our goals.

You have experience communicating with parents of young children, you have experience recruiting, educating, and persuading people to do what’s in the best interest. You are competitive, a strategic thinker, very analytical, process driven, and excel at hitting goals. You have experience working with multiple personalities to achieve goals.

You are extremely excited about working with an engineering and design team to build world class product and you have experience building product in the past whether it was your main role or on a team doing so.


  • Discover new channels for parent acquisition: We are constantly looking for new cost effective channels to promote our schools. You will working on discovering these channels, running tests, and driving admissions through current and new channels.
  • Write playbooks for Directors: We empower Directors to conduct marketing themselves. We also document our activities so new employees can follow a guide and so the engineering and design team have a process to use when developing product.
  • Work with engineering and design to build product for Directors: Your goal will be to build processes and automate as much of your job as possible with the help of the engineering and design team. You will test processes without the help of the product team and then share learnings with the product to inform the product roadmap.
  • Conduct the marketing process for Directors: When Directors aren’t able to complete the tasks or product isn’t place to automatically complete the task, you will step in and drive admissions for Directors. This can be more than 50% of the job at times and you will do what it takes to hit the goals for our Directors and the company.
  • Build and manage a remote team to take on marketing tasks: We work with remote teams to build scalable tools that can’t be solved with software today and you will hire and manage these remote teams so we are able to hit our goals.
  • Answer One Preschool phone calls: Parents often call to learn more about our programs. You will be on call to take phone calls answer questions on behalf of our schools throughout the day


  • Marketing mind: You know how to understand of needs of customers and craft tastable messages that will lead to conversion.
  • Analytical skills: You are comfortable gathering data, analyzing data, presenting data, and making decisions with data. You have shown this in the past.
  • Problem solving skills: You are a natural at asking the right questions, active listening, researching, and coming up with the right process to test assumptions to come up with solutions to problems presented you in many facets of a business.
  • Scale & Process oriented: You have experience creating and implementing processes at scale. You know how to test new processes and ensure they are repeatable for different types of customers.
  • Experience with automation: You have worked on a team that has build automated processes in the past.
  • Emotional Intelligence: You are able to read people well and adapt your communication style to effectively support many different personality types with different levels of prior knowledge and experience.
  • Self-starter: Many of the systems & processes that we need have yet to be built. Our ideal candidate has no problem rolling up their sleeves and pitching in to figure out how to best build new processes. We're looking for someone who's flexible, nimble, doesn't have an ego… a positive outlook and sense of humor will serve you well.


  • Startup experience
  • Experiencing impacting an organization, team, club, group of people.


  • Worked at Bright Horizons, Creative Children’s Learning Centers
  • Has started a successful Family Child Care program in the past


One Preschool invests in our people and our culture. We provide our employees with full medical, vision, and dental benefits, option to contribute to a 401K plan, and equity in our company. We anticipate a salary of $65K for this role.Apply for this job

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One Preschool was started in 2016 by a group of educators and technologists in California. The company’s mission is to provide quality childcare to every child in the world. We are doing this by building a platform where people can start preschools out of their homes. We provide a preschool in a box model where we provide assistance from licensing, curriculum, school setup, and everything in between. We are building software that will allow teachers to manage their students, parents, and their school from one dashboard. Along with this, there will be a marketplace for parents to search One Preschool schools, schedule visits, enroll their children, and make payments.

It’s been proven time and time again that children should start developing cognitive, motor, behavioral, and social skills from as early as 6 months and we believe by leading a revolution where all children are able to get access to an environment to develop these skills, we can create drastic changes to neighborhoods and societies as a whole.

One Preschool is venture backed by First Round Capital and some of the most respected Seed and Series A firms.

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