Managing Director

GO Public Schools - Oakland, CA - Full time

GO Public Schools - Oakland, CA - Full time


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Position Summary

GO Public Schools Oakland is seeking a Managing Director to ensure that our Oakland team is meeting our goals and is a model for collaboration and effectiveness. This person will be charged with ensuring a best-in-class internal team - one that is clear on our goals, working together in incredible ways, and “firing on all cylinders”. Because of their work, team members at GO Public Schools Oakland will describe our organization as an incredible place to work and Oakland community members will recognize GO’s positive impact in service of all students in all public schools.

This position will report to our Oakland Executive Director, Ash Solar. Our work environment is fast-paced, and the ideal candidate must be a natural self-starter who can lead, coach, and develop our team, manage multiple projects and work streams, has an extraordinary attention to detail, and a collaborative work ethic.


This person will lead and manage the following work streams:

  • -GO Oakland creates and executes a sound, high-impact strategy, both short- and long-term.
    • -Facilitate team through creation of organizational clarity, which includes clarity around why we exist down to what every team member should be doing on a daily basis.
    • -Work closely with leadership team to create annual strategic agenda and facilitate monthly strategic meetings to accomplish predetermined goals.
    • -Supports all leadership team members and their teams in the ongoing implementation of the strategy.
  • -GO Oakland is a great place to work:
    • -Ensure that GO Oakland champions team members at all stages of the employee life cycle, from recruitment to retirement, and is recognized as one of the best places to work in Oakland.
    • -Implement goals-aligned team structure as well as establish clear individual roles, goals, and responsibilities.
    • -Breathe life into values and operating principles through our organizational rituals and routines.
    • -Develop and implement opportunities to build the capacity and leadership of all staff.
    • -Manage and support GO Oakland’s team and individual goal-setting process, as well as year-round performance management cycle.
  • -GO Oakland has the internal capacity and infrastructure to be a high-performing organization and team.
    • -Provide effective and inspiring leadership by being actively involved in all programs, services, and advocacy efforts, developing a broad and deep knowledge of all initiatives and campaigns.
    • -Identify opportunities for GO Oakland to leverage cross-team strengths to take advantage of new opportunities and to address organizational shifts and challenges.
    • -Lead, coach, develop, and retain GO Oakland’s high-performance senior management team with an emphasis on developing capacity in strategic analysis, planning, and budgeting.
    • -Ensure organizational coherence and collaboration by the continuing of, improving of, and creation of internal team systems (shared planning structures, internal communications, etc.).
    • -Plan and facilitate team meetings, including full Oakland team meetings and Oakland Leadership Team meetings.
    • -Manage and support local Leadership Council to fully maximize their engagement and effectiveness
    • -Manage and support our local communications strategy and services- for team and community.
    • -Manage and support our local data strategy to ensure all decisions are informed by appropriate and easily accessible data.
    • -Manage and support our local administrative team and services.
    • -Support project management of projects involving the Executive Director.
  • -GO Oakland and GO California teams have a strong relationship in service of Oakland team and community.
    • -Work closely with our GO California team to coordinate effective and efficient services in areas including finance, human resources, data, operations, etc.
    • -Work closely with our GO California team to align state and local strategies, communications, and development efforts.
  • -GO Oakland is highly effective in service of community and financially sustainable.
    • -Work closely with Oakland leadership team to ensure that strategy development and resource allocation are highly efficient and effective.
    • -Ensure the continued financial viability of GO Oakland operational units through sound fiscal management.
    • -Work closely with Oakland Executive Director and State team to ensure that development efforts successfully support effective and sustainable execution of strategy.

Candidate ProfileThe ideal candidate for this role will have the following characteristics:

  • -Be Culturally Competent
    • Fosters inclusivity - Creates an inclusive environment that respects the culture and community of the students being served.
    • Respects community - Demonstrates knowledge of, respect for, and willingness to learn about the cultures of the community served.
    • Assumes positivity - Puts aside assumptions, preconceived notions, and biases; approaches people assuming only positive intent.
  • Lead Adeptly and Manage Performance
    • -Influencer/motivator - This leader will have strong skills in building relationships, communication, and a history of motivating others to work together towards goals. This leader must be comfortable asking others to take action.
    • -Strategic leader and thinker - Exceptional reasoning and problem solving skills with the ability to think ahead and plan over a multi-year time span
    • -People manager - This person has a proven track record of driving results, cultivating capacity, and busting barriers with direct reports.
    • -Project manager - This person is a project manager with a results and action orientation. They get things done efficiently and often get positive feedback for their level of productivity.
    • -Values-aligned - This person is motivated by the vision and values of GO Public Schools.
    • Team player - This leader will excel in a small-team environment that requires team members to wear many hats and support each other’s work (e.g., have “all hands on deck” for a particular project or event). This leader demonstrates maturity, flexibility, humility, and a sense of humor.
  • Focus on Results for Students
    • -8+ years work experience
    • -Achiever - This person is a renowned performer with solid leadership skills and a history of doing excellent-quality work.
    • -Goal-driven and organized - This leader is driven to achieve GO’s vision. This leader sets and uses goals to help colleagues, teams, partners, and volunteers work toward that vision. She/he is motivated by goals as a tool to make sure we are spending time wisely. This leader must have strong follow-through supported by excellent organizational systems.
    • -Critical thinking - This leader will have excellent judgment and be able to make strategic decisions.
    • -Personal Responsibility - This person has a high level of personal responsibility for their work and believes that they can improve their leadership skills over time, so they are eager to ask for and receive feedback. This person remains focused in the face of pressure and delivers against timelines.
    • -Pro-active initiative-taker - She or he sees problems where others might not see them - they are excited to take their work from A to A+ and comes to conversations with proposed solutions to problems whenever possible.
    • -Growth mindset – This leader believes that they can improve their leadership skills over time and is eager to ask for and receive feedback.

To Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter to Ash Solar, Executive Director, at

Benefits and Salary

The salary range for this position is $105,000-$130,000, based on experience and qualifications. In addition, a comprehensive benefits package is offered, including:


  • -Healthcare (medical, dental, and vision) provided at 100% for employees and 75% for dependents
  • -Healthcare plan options - choose between HeathNet PPO, HMO or Kaiser HMO
  • -Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Dependent Care Account (DCA)

Time Off

  • -2 weeks of observed holidays annually
  • -2 - 3 weeks of paid time off (grows with years of experience at GO)
  • -2 additional weeks of time off during the winter break
  • -6 weeks of 40% pay for all new parents (to supplement State of California Paid Family Leave and/or Disability benefits)

Other Benefits

  • -Simple IRA retirement plan with up to 3% annual salary match
  • -Paid life and long-term-disability policy
  • -Up to $75/month in cell phone reimbursement
  • -Paid professional development opportunities
  • -Support for new parents that are required to travel with partial reimbursement for accompanying caregiver travel expense or reimbursement for nursing mothers to ship breast milk home.

Anti-Discrimination Policy and Commitment to Diversity

GO Public Schools seeks individuals of all backgrounds without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, age, pregnancy, disability, marital status, genetics, or any other factor that the law protects from employment discrimination to apply for this position. We are committed to ensuring diversity within our organization and network, as we want to engage all those who can contribute to this effort.

About GO Public Schools Oakland

GO Public Schools Oakland is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in fall 2008 that supports a coalition of Oakland families, educators, community, and civic leaders united around a positive, student-oriented vision for public education in our city. We envision an Oakland where all children receive the schooling and support they need to live successful, fulfilling lives. We are part of the emerging network of GO Public Schools organizations, which are local organizations in California cities working to expand educational opportunities for children.

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Apply for this job


Project Management

Experience Level

Senior Level

GO Public Schools

GO Public Public Schools Oakland (GO Oakland) is a network of families, educators, and community members with a deep moral commitment to the simple idea that every kid deserves a good chance, in school and in life. There are many excellent teachers and schools in Oakland, but today, far too many students lack the education that will prepare them to thrive in their lives. We believe Oakland has the strength, commitment, and passion to do better. Together, we advocate for a school system that puts student outcomes first, demands that leaders do the same, and holds them accountable for keeping their promises.

By providing information, building leadership skills, and advocating publicly, GO Oakland’s network is working toward an Oakland where every student has access to an excellent public school. Alongside advocacy, through GO Public Schools Oakland Advocates, the GO network has played a key role in elevating the work of the school board, electing school board leaders committed to advocating for all students, and helping to pass measures to provide needed services and funds to schools.

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