Lead Software Developer for InnovateEDU in New York, NY

Lead Software Developer

InnovateEDU - New York, NY - Full time

InnovateEDU is looking for a Lead Software Developer who can help build new and enhance existing tools that support data interoperability in education. The ideal candidate for the Lead Software Developer Role is a person who understands the human implications of the software we build. The person in this role will be able to take a concept and develop it into a technical specification that can drive an implementation. They will also be able to understand a big picture vision of a product, and how that vision both aligns with organizational mission and a technical implementation. The candidate will be well versed in version control methods, mentoring other developers, automated testing and builds of development environments, and security best practice.

The candidate will be working within and alongside a development team that includes back end and front end developers, data architects, user experience designers, and QA testers. The ability to balance working autonomously with slowing down and coordinating with the team as needed is critical for this role. Because the Lead Software Developer will be working alongside an experienced team, the candidate will be supported in their daily work. We are a team that values asking questions.

This job description defines work experience, skills, and expectations of the position. We recognize that individual candidates might not have all of these skills. We also recognize that there are other skills that we don’t list that can be valuable for this position. We are looking for a Lead Software Developer that is creative, and can connect technical details with human needs. If you have skills that aren’t listed here and you are still interested in the position, we want to hear from you. In your cover letter (see below), please explain how your skill set makes you a strong candidate for this position.

Experience and Skills

The ideal candidate will have experience in some or all of the following areas:

  • Working in a team in a leadership role
  • Working with technical data standards
  • Cleaning up and transforming legacy data sets
  • Implementing secure transfer and storage of information
  • Evaluating the potential for user interaction and error when using systems, and design security and privacy protections accordingly
  • Using secure development practice with the support of existing resources like OWASP
  • Implement automated testing as part of the development process
  • Documenting code clearly and succinctly
  • Working with other team members doing code reviews
  • Working as part of an integrated team
  • Comfortable working autonomously
  • Comfortable asking questions
  • Comfortable learning from the team around them, and confident in their skills to leave ego out of the development process
  • Familiar with agile software development and communication strategies that accompany agile development
  • Experience within K12 education a plus
  • Familiarity with project management software and version control basics a plus
  • Familiarity with a broad range of programming languages, including PHP, Go, Java, C#, and Python. The ideal candidate will not be dogmatic about any specific language, and will feel comfortable expanding their expertise as required by projects.
  • Experience with specific technologies and formats like RESTful Web Services, C#, SQL Server, XML/XSD, JSON, etc.


  • Design and optimize data structures
  • Build microservices using APIs
  • Work with designers and front end developers to render information in a variety of formats
  • Provide technical leadership on a range of software projects
  • Develop products for both internal and external uses
  • Work with development team to refine specifications and functional requirements for projects.
  • Identify gaps in existing products that need test coverage via unit tests.
  • Work closely with QA Testers to refine and expand test-driven development processes
  • Develop and document API calls accessing and manipulating data.
  • Develop and document access control rules that align with business cases and security best practice.
  • Automate the creation of development, qa, and testing environments.
  • Align user needs with functional requirements and any relevant technical limitations.
  • Participate in roadmap and feature planning as part of the development team
  • Communicate technical details in language that is clear and accurate for people who understand software but aren’t developers.

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InnovateEDU is a Brooklyn-based non-profit whose mission is to eliminate the achievement gap by accelerating innovation in Common Core-aligned, next generation learning models and tools that serve, inform, and enhance teaching and learning.

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