High school math learning coach (remote, full-time)

Prisma - Remote - Full time

Who we are

Prisma is a new kind of education company driven by a singular mission: to create a next generation capable of solving the world's biggest problems. The world is changing faster than ever, yet our current education system is not designed for rapid change. At Prisma we have designed a new kind of K-12 education company, which is built from the ground up to not only prepare kids in the core competencies they’ll need for the 21st century (things like curiosity, designer’s mindset, ethical decision making, problem solving & systems thinking, communication & collaboration, and initiative & follow through to name a few) but to instill in them a desire to make a large, positive impact on the world. Prisma combines the flexibility of home-based learning, the socialization of a close-knit peer group that meets daily, the support of an inspiring learning coach, and the personalization of an interests-based, adaptable curriculum. We believe that every student deserves to love school, to be able to progress at their own pace, to pursue what interests them, to have a supportive peer group, and to reach their full potential. If you believe this too and you dream of a job where you can truly have an impact on the world, read on!

We are led by two repeat founders whose most recent venture was bought by Google in one of its most expensive acquisitions to date. We are a well and self-funded, mission-driven company focused on scalable and sustainable growth.

What the role is

Do you dream of a world in which all kids love math, see its relevance in their everyday lives, work regularly in collaborative small groups, are able to move at their own pace through content, embrace struggle, and enjoy playing with numbers?

We are turning the typical high school experience on its head, so this is not your average math teacher role! In fact, in our model kids are led by 'Learning coaches,' not teachers and they learn via live video and interactive experiences, not classrooms and textbooks. As a math coach, you’ll be responsible for working closely with small groups of learners as they progress at their own pace through math curriculum, leading engaging and innovative math learning experiences, and creating an environment in which kids see the real-world relevance of numbers and are excited to explore content that interests and challenges them.

What you'll do

  • Serve as the math coach for 40-50 learners who are enrolled in Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, or Algebra 2.
  • Meet with learners in small groups 3 to 4 times per week to provide direct instruction, review content, preview new skills, play math games, or engage in math challenges.
  • Lead daily math lounge sessions in which learners work on math individually or collaboratively and can get help if they’re stuck.
  • Set individualized goals for math progress and mastery with each small group of learners and help to hold learners accountable for meeting math goals.
  • Revise Algebra 1 and Geometry lessons/curriculum to meet learner needs.
  • Design supplemental resources and project-based assessments as needed.
  • Design and implement intervention activities for learners struggling in Algebra 1 or Geometry.
  • Regularly review learner progress and mastery via third-party online programs and communicate that progress clearly and regularly to learners and parents.
  • Meet regularly with the learning coach team and math curriculum team to share best practices, problem solve, action plan, and review learner progress.
  • Be a key player in the building/iteration of the math program at the high school level!

Who the ideal candidate is

  • Someone who loves kids and gets energy from working with learners, building positive relationships with them, and getting to know them as mathematicians and as people. Kids get you and you get kids.
  • Experienced math teacher with deep content knowledge in high school math. You know what the most essential standards are, how they build on each other, and have lots of tricks up your sleeve for helping kids understand and love math.
  • Innovative educator who believes that learning should be fun, relevant, engaging, and connected to the real world. You’re a fan of games, challenges, project-based learning, and approaching math learning through a nontraditional lens.
  • Exceptional communicator who is able to communicate clearly and professionally with parents about learner progress, strengths, and areas of growth in writing and in live meetings. You’re thoughtful and proactive in your messaging to families.
  • Organized & efficient leader who is able to create systems to manage and track progress across multiple groups of learners with varying needs. You love spreadsheets and are able to keep up with who has done what and who needs what next.
  • Someone who has a strong entrepreneurial drive and is comfortable operating in a fast-paced rapidly-changing startup environment and on a team that is constantly iterating and responding to feedback from learners and families.
  • Excited about working in a fully distributed team

Beyond possessing these skills, if you also exude these traits, we want to talk with you!

  • Gutsy: Unafraid to speak up, take risks and think differently
  • Humble: Quick to give credit and slow to pass blame
  • Can-do: Optimistic, bring solutions, not problems, and always find a way
  • Team player: Care about, respect, help, and speak candidly with others
  • Driven: Go above and beyond to achieve our mission

How we compensate

  • Competitive salary
  • Health insurance and 401(k) with access to optional benefits such as Dental, Vision, Life insurance, HSA/FSA, etc.
  • Semi-flexible work schedule
  • Generous vacation time

Next steps

If this sounds like your dream job, please APPLY HERE: https://airtable.com/shrThDXr2qZQoTls1

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Prisma is the world's most engaging virtual school that combines a fun, real-world curriculum with powerful mentorship from experienced coaches and a supportive peer community.
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