High School Literacy Learning Coach (remote)

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Who we are

Prisma is a new kind of education company driven by a singular mission: to create a next generation capable of solving the world's biggest problems. The world is changing faster than ever, yet our current education system is not designed for rapid change. At Prisma we have designed a new kind of K-12 learning experience, built from the ground up to not only develop kids' future-ready skills (curiosity, systems thinking & problem solving, innovator’s mindset, communication & collaboration, and initiative & follow through) but to instill in them a desire to make a large, positive impact on the world. Prisma combines the flexibility of home-based learning, the socialization of a close-knit peer group that meets daily, the support of an inspiring learning coach, and the personalization of an interests-based, adaptable curriculum. We believe that every student deserves to love school, be able to progress at their own pace, pursue what interests them, and to reach their full potential. If you believe this too and you dream of a job where you can truly have an impact on the world, read on!

What the role is

Our high school began in 2022 and has focused our admissions to date on 9-10th grade learners, but will be continuing to expand to be a full 9-12th grade experience that prepares learners for college, career, or any path they want to pursue. At Prisma high, kids learn through interdisciplinary themes and projects, have a great amount of choice & flexibility over what & how they learn, attend engaging live virtual workshops & simulations where they debate relevant issues & collaborate with peers, and build a deep supportive bond with a small cohort of peers & an academic learning coach who gives feedback and pushes them to be their best self.

Our academic learning coaches at Prisma high school support learners to personalize their high school learning experience based on their particular strengths, interests, and future goals, such as through partner courses, internships and real-world projects. Prisma high schoolers also build & curate an outstanding portfolio of projects that demonstrate their unique strengths & that will help them stand out when applying to colleges or other post-high school opportunities. In our high school themes, learners explore a range of relevant, future-focused topics that spark their curiosity & acquaint them with the complexities of the world around them, from artificial intelligence to modern international conflicts, plus real-world life skills from financial literacy to writing great emails.

What you will do

  • Work with our Head of School and founding high school team to refine, expand, and execute on our vision for Prisma High School literacy curriculum.
  • You will jump right into an active role mentoring and coaching learners, facilitating workshops, and communicating with families. This includes leading literacy and life skils synchronous workshops, facilitating stand up time for learners, providing learner feedback, supporting learners in 1:1 and group tutoring sessions, and communicating with families to ensure learners are making academic progress. You will also be expected to support other programmatic needs as they arise.
  • Create, source, vet, and potentially modify high-quality online literacy courses, materials, and resources and seamlessly integrate those experiences into the Prisma curriculum.
  • Think outside the box & contribute to the team's vision for a learning experience that offers more engagement & choice than any other on Earth.

Who the ideal candidate is

You are a/an:

  • Passionate educator who has demonstrated success with learners in grades 9-12 and loves working with and building relationships with high schoolers.
  • Experienced facilitator with a drive to iterate, grow, and improve while supporting learners with a wide variety of needs, backgrounds, and literacy experience. Interdisciplinary and/or humanities experience is a plus. Your portfolio demonstrates your experience as a tech-savvy maker with a toolkit of interesting ways to engage kids in virtual learning experiences (familiarity with Google Suite essential; tools like Padlet, Jamboard, Loom, Flipgrid, TinkerCad, Canva, Minecraft helpful) and an ability to explain concepts and procedures clearly in writing & through engaging visuals for kids at all levels.
  • Thorough and detail-oriented provider of feedback for learners, who is invested in discovering the best ways to share information, nurture learner understanding of complex topics, reframe topics to support new insight, and help learners iterate and revise until they achieve mastery.
  • Innovator with a strong entrepreneurial drive who is comfortable operating in a fast-paced rapidly-changing startup environment. You have experience creating and building programs and systems from the ground up.
  • Organized & efficient project manager who can juggle multiple priorities and deadlines and communicate progress as part of a remote team.
  • Virtual collaborator who is excited about working in a fully distributed team.
  • This position is full-time and remote.

Beyond possessing these skills, if you also exude these traits, we want to talk with you!

  • Gutsy: Unafraid to speak up, take risks and think differently
  • Humble: Quick to give credit and slow to pass blame
  • Can-do: Optimistic, bring solutions, not problems, and always find a way
  • Team player: Care about, respect, help, and speak candidly with others
  • Driven: Go above and beyond to achieve our mission

How we compensate

  • Competitive salary
  • Health insurance and 401(k) with access to optional benefits such as Dental, Vision, Life insurance, HSA/FSA, etc.
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Flexible work schedule (compatible with US-based working hours)

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Prisma is a new kind of education company driven by a singular mission: to create a next generation capable of solving the world's biggest problems. Our two goals are for kids to love learning and to prepare them to thrive in the world of the future.
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