Full Stack Developer (GraphQL and React)

Life is Tech USA, Inc. - Los Angeles, California or Remote - Full time

Job Summary

Life is Tech USA is in search of a GraphQL/React Full Stack Developer who will have a number of key responsibilities to grow and improve our customer experience and product development processes as we work to expand our footprint across North America within the K-12 education sector.

The Full Stack Developer will work closely with all team members including our executive team, customer success team, sales team, marketing team and development team as they play a pivotal role in gaining customer insights and bridge the gap between internal and external stakeholders. The Full Stack Developer will drive key product/service enhancements and new developments based on customer feedback to obtain the highest ROI and to provide the best learning experience for our customers.

As the head of the product development team in the US, the Full Stack Developer will be expected to lead the discussion and help our customers and the business team by continuously enhancing the product, and also expected to help the company (Life is Tech USA) hit key growth, revenue and retention goals.


Your key responsibility is to continuously enhance the product using technology to maximize learners’ Learning Experience (LX)

The role involves four essential components:

Continue to ensure high maintainability of the system

  • Understand the architecture of the product and write source code strictly according to that concept.
    • Maintaining the correct architecture is the most important thing to ensure high maintainability on an ongoing basis. You must be able to accurately explain the advantages/disadvantages of the architecture that the CTO and team have built to date.
  • Constantly improve team productivity. Actively suggest ideas for improving team processes, keeping in mind metrics such as lead times and failure rates.
    • All ideas must be based on a sound understanding of lean start-up and agile development.

Resolve customer issues as quickly as possible

  • Communicate with the Customer Success team on a daily basis to understand the situation regarding the customer issue and then recommend the optimal solution and timeline.
    • The solution needed to solve the issue does not necessarily only mean writing source code.
  • Provide the optimal solution quickly.
  • Understand as much as possible the customer's workflow and the pain points involved in order to facilitate the above process.

Lead team discussions using the Domain Model

  • Always use the Universal Language included in the Domain Model when discussing within the Product Development team as well as the business team, including the Customer Success team.
  • Understand the benefits of Domain Driven Development (DDD) and continue to improve the Domain Model based on customer insights gained.

Communicate closely with the CTO

  • Communicate closely with the Japan-based CTO to understand what strategy each action is based on.
  • Keep up with strategy & priority changes, and propose and implement specific actions accordingly.
    • Develop lean and be flexible to changing strategies and priorities as a start up.

Key Qualifications

  • Have any experience on the project utilizing DDD and be able to discuss with team members using the Domain Model.
  • Have any experience on the project utilizing Clean Architecture and be able to write appropriate source code following the concept of Clean Architecture.
  • Ability to resolve customer issues quickly communicating with those who have customer information
  • GraphQL server development experience
  • Front-end development experience using React Hooks
  • Front-end development experience using GraphQL to communicate with back-end server
  • Experience building/managing cloud infrastructure using IaC tools such as CDK, serverless framework and Terraform
  • 7+ years of experience developing server-client software using APIs such as RESTful/GraphQL/gRPC etc
  • 7+ years of experience developing browser applications using modern js frameworks such as React/Angular/Vue
  • Experience using at least 7 programming languages (excluding HTML/CSS/SQL) on the job

Nice to have

  • Experience performing in a small team (less than 5 people) without setting barriers to your responsibilities
  • Experience in projects with DDD and deep understanding of DDD
  • Experience in building software products from scratch by rigorously implementing development concepts such as Clean Architecture

Our Tech Stack

  • Backend/Infrastructure
    • AWS/CDK
    • Lambda/API Gateway
    • GraphQL
      • Partially RESTful APIs
  • Node.js/Typescript
  • Frontend
    • React/Typescript
      • Relay GraphQL Client
  • Material-UI
  • Storybook
  • Communication Tools
    • Slack
    • JIRA/Confluence
    • Miro
    • Notion
  • About Life is Tech! USA

    Life is Tech! USA is the North American arm of Life is Tech!, a Japanese-based computer science and coding education company who are the creators of Disney Codeillusion - an official collaboration with Disney.

    With over 12 years of experience in the coding education field and educating over 500,000 students via face-to-face and online instruction, Life is Tech! created Disney Codeillusion. The program centers around a proprietary self-propelled learning cycle that helps each student nurture and maximize their unique potential through coding. Disney Codeillusion blends entertainment with education for a truly unmatched learning experience.

    Traditionally sold direct-to-consumer, Life is Tech! USA has created an exclusive offering for schools and education-based organizations to bring quality coding education curriculum to the classroom. As the GraphQL/React Full Stack Developer you will be a key component in continuing to bring our B2B offering to schools as we work to expand our presence into additional territories across North America.

    Learn more about Disney Codeillusion at: https://codeillusion.io/pages/coding-for-schools

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    Experience Level

    Mid Level

    Life is Tech USA, Inc.

    Life is Tech USA is the American arm of Life is Tech, a Japanese-based computer science and coding education company. With over 12 years of experience and educating over 500,000 students via face-to-face and online instruction, it created Disney Codeillusion - an official collaboration with Disney.
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