Front End Web Development Teaching Assistant (Part-Time)

Flatiron School - Washington, DC - Part time

Flatiron School is seeking a Front End Development Teaching Assistant to join our growing team. This would be two nights a week from 6-9pm for 10 weeks.

What We Look for in Teaching Assistants:

The goal of any teaching assistant is to drive outcomes. We are looking for people that LOVE TEACHING. We make it a mission to seek out teachers who can infect, infuse and inspire with passion, wisdom, positivity, and humor. They show students how to love what they do, and how to better love who they are.

The Front-End Development Teaching Assistant will:

    • Make No Little Plans
      • Build for scale by communicating with Lead Instructors on the pace of the class, identify and deploy content for the coming week to meet the predefined learning objectives, create/iterate/review assessments to diagnose student strengths and weaknesses.
      • Execute on experimental efforts in curriculum and pedagogical style pursuing our collective unending quest to provide the best experience and most positive outcomes.
      • Develop and lead student project sprints throughout the semester.
    • Radiate Positivity
      • Create a safe and collaborative environment where students understand that helping their peers betters their own experience.
      • Find what to love. Leverage passion as a force for motivation by sharing what you are passionate about with your students and working those topics into lesson plans as appropriate.
    • Be Scrappy
      • Embrace change and thrive in ambiguity by helping students and staff with real time efforts, like debugging a student’s project or assignment, and escalating issues that you need help with in a timely manner.
    • Pursue Mastery
      • Use feedback from students gathered via class surveys to greatly exceed the minimum bar.
      • Integrate feedback from team members on progress of class to set pacing and determine tactical interventions.
      • Greatly exceed the minimum bar by guiding students to solutions without immediately providing the answer.
      • Alway be a beginner and push yourself to become a better educator by preparing and delivering lab reviews and lectures.
    • Work Together
      • Collaborate with teammates to address outstanding issues on upcoming curriculum content.
      • Empower others to succeed by conducting interviews for instructors and students for future cohorts. Strive to ask questions and provide solutions rather than simply pointing out problems.
      • Embrace transparency by using suggestions to begin discussion.

    Qualifications for Front End Development Teaching Assistants Fellow:

    1. Ability to demonstrate intimate knowledge of a dynamically typed language such as HTML, CSS and Javascript as used in a production environment
    2. Passion for teaching

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Flatiron School

Flatiron School (a WeWork Company) teaches passionate, creative people how to code. We’ve been teaching since 2012, and now we’re developing software and programs to bring our successful curriculum to more students.

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