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Kansas City Girls Preparatory Academy - Kansas City, MO - Full time

Kansas City Girls Preparatory Academy - Kansas City, MO - Full time

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The mission of Kansas City Girls Preparatory Academy (KCGPA) is to develop young women to discover their voice, succeed in college, and lead impactful, meaningful lives. KCGPA will be the first single-gender, open-enrollment charter public school in Kansas City. It will enroll 100 fifth grade girls beginning in fall 2019 and grow one grade per year to form a 5th-8th grade middle school and a 9th-12th grade high school. KCGPA’s program will foster a strong community, confidence-building identity development, rigorous STEAM curriculum, college-bound academic culture, extended learning days, rapid literacy growth, and social and emotional learning.

KCGPA will be an affiliate of the Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN), a network of all-girls schools founded over two decades ago that has ensured college access for thousands of young women from low-income neighborhoods. KCGPA will serve young women living in the Kansas City Public Schools district boundaries, with a geographic preference for students from zip codes with the largest gap between demand for and supply of quality schools. The school addresses a community need for more opportunities for young women in neighborhoods that have been negatively impacted by historical de jure segregation and contemporary de facto segregation.

To ensure every student can achieve at high levels, KCGPA will partner with families and its community to build a strong network of support for every student. The school will be free of tuition, fees, and student entrance exams. In particular, KCGPA seeks to serve students with special educational needs exceptionally well, including students with learning disabilities and students who speak a language other than English at home.


The founding School Leader is responsible for building the foundations of student and staff culture and academic achievement. The pre-launch planning and first two years after launch will set the trajectory for the school’s long-term success. As the school grows, the founding School Leader will carry forward KCGPA’s commitment to genuine student leadership development, high academic achievement, and college and life success for all students. Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, s/he will have a strong voice in the vision and strategy for the school’s evolution, expansion, and growth.


The founding School Leader will be primarily responsible for:

  • Pre-Launch Planning and Programming
  • Research, design, and align assessments, curriculum, culture, data systems, and academic supports with Missouri Learning Standards, Common Core State Standards, ACT, AP, and social and emotional learning standards
  • Develop and lead systems and curricula for adult learning to ensure strong teacher and leader growth and mastery of core knowledge and skills
  • Engage in rigorous professional development opportunities, including residencies at high-performing schools in Kansas City and nationally to maximize learning from strong models for culture and instruction
  • Facilitate professional learning communities focused on addressing core priorities (e.g. how to best refine curricula to maximize student growth for English Language Learners and Special Education students)
  • Lead student recruitment and enrollment, including a Summer Leadership Academy and Saturday workshops to engage families and students beginning in summer 2018

Student Achievement

  • Set ambitious goals for student achievement and performance; hold self and staff accountable for mastery of academic standards
  • Lead staff in providing robust social and emotional learning for young women to promote agency, self-advocacy, and leadership
  • Cultivate a data-oriented, results-focused academic culture and analyze data with teachers in order to maximize student performance
  • In partnership with the Chief Executive Officer, evaluate school performance data to make holistic and individualized recommendations for improving instructional practices

Teacher Development and Evaluation

  • Develop a strong leadership team that drives effective staff development and culture, including
  • Model exemplary instructional practices, supervise, observe, and provide specific, actionable feedback to leaders and teachers
  • Lead comprehensive professional development, including: whole-school training; vertical, content-focused team development; horizontal, culture-focused team development; instructional rounds, and walk-throughs
  • Apply best practices and interventions to raise achievement for struggling students
  • Lead staff evaluation and performance management process

Leadership and Management

  • Model KCGPA’s core values, advocate for our mission, and set the standard for our school culture
  • Build an aspirational, values-focused culture that ensures staff and students grow both personally and professionally in a strong, trusting community
  • Develop strong relationships with students, families, and community members to maximize involvement in and support for student performance and self-actualization
  • Lead staff recruitment, hiring, and onboarding
  • Supervise school-wide operational systems, with support from operational staff
  • Engage in development tailored to personal growth areas and in alignment with the core competencies of a KCGPA School Leader. Professional development will be a combination of coaching from the Chief Executive Officer, training from external partners, and residencies at high-performing schools.



If you are the ideal candidate:

  • Equity is at your core. You bring a lifelong, heartfelt commitment to directly challenging historical and current inequities resulting from systemic racism and sexism. You advocate for change in the cultural, economic, and political factors underlying these inequities.
  • You want to help young women discover their voice. You are passionate about providing an all-girls, open-enrollment school option for the families of Kansas City.
  • You walk the walk. You’ve led exemplary academic achievement results in open-enrollment schools serving low-income students of color.
  • You’re a learner. You leave your ego at the door and have a deep hunger for professional growth and continuous feedback in areas ranging from self-management and emotional intelligence to school culture and curriculum design.
  • You’re an entrepreneur. You bring the energy, adaptability, and results-focus necessary to lead a startup.
  • You love content, pedagogy, and culture. You have a nuanced understanding of the research behind and pedagogy that supports the Common Core State Standards, to include the teachers and leaders that internalize knowledge and skills in content, pedagogy, and culture.
  • You lead effective adult learning. You can see the through-line of development needs for students, teachers, and leaders. You design learning that leads to measurable growth.
  • You’re an influencer. You hold extremely high expectations of yourself and your team. You communicate those expectations in a direct, caring, and motivating way. You engage colleagues with humility and an unwavering, high bar of expectations.
  • You sweat the small stuff. And you see the big picture. You intentionally zoom in to ensure perfection in the smallest details and zoom out to plan strategically.
  • Bachelor’s degree required, masters preferred.
  • Meet all state and federal guidelines to be fully licensed and certified.
  • Able to work extended school year and extended day hours.
  • Conversational or better knowledge of a world language is preferred, especially Arabic, Burmese, French, Karen, Kinyarwanda, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, or Vietnamese.


If you are the ideal candidate, you have:

  • A successful track record as a school Principal, ideally with students in grades K-8;
  • Bachelor’s Degree required, Master's Degree preferred
  • At least 2 years of adult leadership experience;
  • Interest in and exposure to a project-based approach to teaching and learning, blended learning, social emotional learning and student-centered, data-driven instruction;
  • A personal commitment to serving all students including low-income children, English language learners, special education students and diverse learners;
  • Excellent communication skills and experience motivating and working with a range of stakeholders.


Please submit a resume and cover letter through If you would like to speak with someone directly, please contact Jamiah Hargins ( or set up a call here:

KCGPA strongly values equity and works toward a more just society. KCGPA proactively seeks a diverse pool of candidates who seek an open and inclusive work environment. KCGPA is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, marital status, military status, pregnancy, or parenthood.

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Kansas City Girls Preparatory Academy

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