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MatchTech - Boston, Massachusetts or Remote - Full time

About MatchTech

MatchTech is a new venture co-founded by MIT economists Parag Pathak and Josh Angrist, with support from Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative co-founded by Eric and Wendy Schmidt.

Our mission is to help schools worldwide serve their students by improving fairness in enrollments.

We aim to deliver software and solutions to school systems serving 100 million students from around the world within 5 years.

The low-cost software, based on our cutting-edge research, can replace ad hoc enrollment schemes.

This helps districts meet their access and equity goals, leveraging data for continuous improvement.

About the Founding CEO Search

What We Seek

(Knowing few candidates “have it all”)

  • A desire to help parents and students get more out of their schools
  • Startup and leadership experience
  • Experience in Software Development
  • Knowledge of the B2G Sales Cycle and Process
  • Interest in school assignment problems and a willingness to learn how to explain them to our customers and funders
  • Communication, Analytical, Interpersonal skills
  • Tenacity

CEO Responsibilities

  • Hire and manage an all-star team
  • Build our corporate strategy
  • Identify customers and market our product
  • With our lead investor, coordinate subsequent funding rounds

The co-founders and seed investor will help get this going.

CEO: Helping Parents And School System Leaders

Parents all over the country, from Denver to DC and in Houston, NYC, and NOLA (to name a few) are asked by their districts to "choose schools.” Not only that: they must rank them!

In Boston for example, parents rank up to 14 schools, and are told they have automatic priority at certain schools nearby. What does this mean in practice? How should they pick?

And what happens when they do? How do the odds of getting a high-ranked choice change as parents rank more schools? It is always better to rank more schools, but parents fail to see this until it’s too late. Parents may also incorrectly believe that they should avoid in-demand schools. Our tools show how rankings and choices really affect offers — before family decisions are made.

We also tackle the thorny question of school quality. For example, NYC parents must sort through dozens of measures. Are the “best schools” really only in high-income neighborhoods? We provide objective measures of school quality by using earlier enrollment cohorts to measure what happens when students are randomly assigned to schools.


MatchWorks is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

How To Apply

Please click on the link below.

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Apply for this job


C Level Executive Leadership

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We are a new software company building:

  • Decision support tools for parents and students deciding where to enroll
  • A low-cost, extensible centralized enrollment platform, allowing school systems to adopt best practices easily
  • Resource planning tools for administrators
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