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Better World Ed - San Francisco, CA - Full time


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Better World Ed curates powerful stories, videos, and lesson plans ("Empathy Challenges") from around the world to help teachers and youth transform mindsets and behaviors, academic engagement, and our communities for the better.

We're at an inflection point. The Empathy Academics Lead is one of four roles that we're hiring for in early 2017 as we grow. You're joining the core founding team. Beyond your specific ambitious roles and responsibilities, you'll be co-creating and implementing the systems, processes, and culture to bring BWE to every classroom on earth. To us, a ridiculously hungry and humble culture is the skeleton key to unlock this vision.



You're leading integration of math and literacy (with an initial focus on K-6th grade curricula) into the stories, lesson plans, and videos of our Empathy Challenges as well as into Global Understanding content. Where do complex fractions fit in the daily life of a Kenyan grandmother who is caring for HIV+ youth? How do multiplication and division of double digit numbers fit into the life of a painter in Bali? Which math concepts can help us explore the effectiveness of the change we're making as a class? How can games and activities help to explore these topics, as well as practice sheets or word problems? You're exploring these questions, and you're playing with concepts like these.

You're creating math and literacy worksheets, quizzes, and typeforms that bring together diverse Empathy Challenge content from past, present, and future. Right now we've got stories, lesson plans, and videos about specific topics and people. The next step is to teach a math concept by weaving several stories together. Imagine a long division worksheet that draws from Shantanu's, Mrs. N's, and Ghani's stories. This approach will help kids learn a math concept while seeing its application across many different kinds of work, from tea and rice growing to teaching. 


Ideal Experience: 2-4 years curriculum design + 1-3 years in a fast-paced adaptive startup environment.

Preferred Base: Bay Area or Bangalore.

Travel: Opportunities for travel to classrooms domestically and globally to observe and engage with Better World Educators and Students.

More details at jointheteam.betterworlded.org/details.

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