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Stepmojo Education seeks to hire a full-time Director of CTE (Career and Technical Education) Pathways to lead the development and execution of our CTE-oriented course offerings. The Director of CTE Pathways will spearhead Stepmojo’s entry into the career and technical education space with an initial focus on computer science. Based on market research, the Director of CTE Pathways will develop CTE course sequences and then specific courses to create pathways for students to earn high-value, industry-recognized certifications that ultimately lead to high-demand, upwardly-mobile jobs. The Director of CTE Pathways will create these courses in two ways: in most cases, by sourcing and building course partnerships with best-in-class course providers, while in other cases, by developing and/or managing courses internally. 

For both internal and external course development, the Director of CTE Pathways will establish and monitor the excellence and equity standards for all CTE courses to ensure we are delivering on our promises to students and partners. We seek an accomplished leader with experience managing an effective CTE program (with multiple pathways) at scale, expertise in teacher and leader coaching, strong operational and relationship skills, and a mission-driven commitment to doing right by our students.


This key role will ensure stepmojo consistently provides a best-in-class experience for students by directing, evaluating, and improving the delivery of each pathway.

Pathway Development, starting with Computer Science

- Research, internalize, and synthesize national and state-specific Computer Science CTE best practices, relevant regulations, and likely high-demand job opportunities (starting with Texas and Tennessee)

- Develop Stepmojo’s strategic plan relating to computer science pathways; identify which pathways of study are a good fit for Stepmojo given course requirements, external landscapes (including supply and demand), funding opportunities, and future career opportunities; develop recommendations and roadmaps around which courses and pathways stepmojo should offer based on what skills and credentials are most likely to set our students up for exciting and rewarding careers

- Evaluate our current computer science course partners and identify additional partners; make recommendations on who to work with, on what, and how

- Design and launch pathways by defining what courses should be launched and in what sequence and by which partner to ensure students who complete the sequence will be ready to pass industry-based certification exams

- Identify potential higher education partners and secure at least one partnership to ensure some of our courses also provide college credit for our students

- Research and identify two additional CTE areas for pathway development and repeat the process to prepare to launch at least one of these additional pathway areas in Fall 2022.

Support Quality Instruction that Results in Strong Student Learning and Experience 

- Support the Chief Learning Officer in establishing and monitoring learning standards to ensure consistency in rigor and quality among all course stepmojo offerings

- Observe CTE lessons and analyze data; provide feedback, guidance, and support to our course partners, ensuring active continuous improvement, to uphold stepmojo standards, and to inform future course offerings

- Provide trainings to content providers to co-create and set the bar of excellence for all CTE courses 

- Identify and intervene if misalignment occurs between the established excellence and equity standards and content provider course design or delivery

- Design and support the facilitation of course provider communities of practice

- Serve as a liaison connecting course providers with each other and with internal content staff to learn and develop as a collaborative team

- Recruit and vet additional courses and/or content partners; after selecting the top partner(s), establish and maintain mutually-beneficial, collaborative partnerships with ongoing communication and feedback 

In-house Course Design & Execution

- If we decide to move forward with creating or staffing our own courses, lead the development of Stepmojo’s in-house CTE-focused courses, by adapting a strong, existing digital curriculum to ensure the courses meet stepmojo’s high quality bar

- Curate a set of resources (e.g., lesson plans, demonstrations, exams) to supplement the digital curriculum to ensure strong teacher execution and student learning

- Develop a learning mechanism to understand course growth opportunities/enhancement and implement course improvements in CTE-focused courses

- Work with Stepmojo’s digital/IT team to ensure a strong product user experience for both teachers and students

- Design and execute a hiring process to staff teachers and a performance management/growth system for course faculty

- Develop and execute an onboarding and training sequence for CTE-focused course faculty

- Manage and develop stepmojo faculty to ensure classroom success, student learning, and student satisfaction. 

Program Leadership

- Engage in ongoing research to stay informed and up to date on effective online learning practices, especially in high-interest CTE fields

- Engage in ongoing research to stay informed and up to date on CTE accreditation/state graduation requirements and ensure our offerings as aligned with essential regulatory requirements

- Develop and continually evolve models for student supports, including effective supports for students with IEPs and MLL needs.

What are we looking for?

- 10+ years of experience in education, including at least 3 years of leading a CTE program and at least 5 years of coaching, evaluating teachers and leaders, and curriculum development

- Proven ability to support student learning effectively at scale (experience leading and continuously improving learning experiences with a strong preference for online learning) 

- High bar for instructional excellence and student experience – and a track record of results delivering on that vision

- Commitment to equity, self-awareness and social awareness about issues of race, power, and privilege

- Strong relationship, communication, project management, and organizational skills

Where is this position located?

This is a full-time remote based position with regular national travel expected. 

To whom does this position report?

This position will report directly to the Chief Learning Officer.

What is the salary range for this position?

At Stepmojo, we are committed to equitable, transparent, and rewarding compensation for our teammates. We base our salaries for every position on 3 factors: 1) benchmark data for similar roles, 2) a candidate’s level of experience, and 3) a candidate’s geographic location. For this position, candidates with significant leadership experience (e.g., VP-level experience in a central office) should expect a salary between $116K - $146K annually depending upon location.

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