Director of Business and Operations (Immediate)

The Primary School - East Palo Alto, CA - Full time


The Director of Business and Operations (DBO) is responsible for the smooth and effective functioning of the organization’s operations and business office. The DBO will manage human resources and talent, accounting and finance, legal, facilities, compliance, and organizational systems. Furthermore, the DBO will be responsible for building sustainable and scalable systems and processes that will enable the broader organization to thrive and grow.


The DBO will manage the central business office which provides supports to our ground-level service programs (the school, parent, and health programs), and will eventually expand to support all sites. The DBO will manage our relationships with external accounting and human resources vendors to ensure the execution of all business office functions.

Centralized Support System

  • Develop centralized systems, supports, and policies that apply across programs; identify opportunities for improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Develop organizational systems to improve workflow and increase efficiency (e.g., knowledge management, communication, contact management, etc.)
  • Develop an information technology (IT) policy and support system
  • Liaise with the program operations staff in the school and parent program to ensure systems (e.g., purchasing, communications) are consistent and integrated across the organization
  • Advise on complex program operations and systems building needs within the school and parent program

Human Capital & Human Resources

  • Develop and manage an end-to-end human capital solution (e.g., recruitment, onboarding, evaluation, compensation)
  • Develop and oversee the recruitment process, working closely with hiring managers to recruit and vet candidates
  • Serve as on-site HR compliance contact, ensure completion of new hire and benefits paperwork, collect personnel file items, manage onboarding for new employees (liaise with our outsourced HR firm)
  • Keep HR policies up-to-date and coordinate response to any misconduct or complaint
  • Manage consulting contracts and intern and volunteer systems

Finance & Accounting

  • Manage outsourced finance and accounting functions ensuring systems are running smoothly and compliantly
  • Lead monthly forecasting cycles and annual budgeting process with program leaders
  • Oversee purchasing processes, materials management, and supply storage across the organization
  • Create and enforce expense policies across the organization
  • Manage contracts with vendors for insurance, office supplies and equipment, parent-notification systems, and other services
  • Help identify and manage sources of public funding to build a sustainable funding model


  • Manage large maintenance and upkeep requests, working with site owners
  • Manage overall space allocation across properties and liaise with real estate team when new space is necessary

Compliance & Risk

  • Manage compliance reporting for federal, state, and local entities
  • Apply for and coordinate reporting for private and public grant processes and procedures
  • Ensure insurance plans and reporting systems are appropriate and in place


  • You have 5-10+ years experience in operations or administration, with experience in finance, accounting, and/or human resources strongly preferred.
  • You know how to manage teams. You understand how to enable team members to achieve their potential, and can operation on both the big picture and minute levels simultaneously.
  • You are a practiced project manager and have an exceptional ability to plan for and drive forward complex, cross-functional projects that involve multiple individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • You can see the problem, assess the gaps, and navigate your team towards effective solutions. You take on an innovative approach to creating workflows that are both efficient and results-oriented, but human- and community-centered.
  • You have demonstrated experience building and managing technical and human systems that optimize scarce resources (e.g., people, time and money).
  • You exhibit consistent implementation effectiveness. You are able to move seamlessly from design to plan to execution without losing sight of the high-level strategy or down-on-the-ground details.
  • You are comfortable with ambiguity and environments that change rapidly.
  • You excel at motivating individuals from different teams, including peers, to work together and achieve common goals.
  • You are excited to build a new model to deliver excellent outcomes for children and are passionate about constantly improving our work to get closer to this vision.
  • You exhibit sound, mature judgement and understand how to navigate diverse audiences and across differences.
  • You believe in the mission of The Primary School and that all children and families are capable of extraordinary things.

A Plus If

  • You are an East Palo Alto or Belle Haven native and/or have experience working with the East Palo Alto and Belle Haven communities.

Apply Now

Experience Level

6 or more years

The Primary School


The Primary School (TPS) is a new non-profit organization dedicated to dramatically improving health and educational outcomes for children. Fueled by the belief that the current model of school is too limited to close the achievement gap for our nation’s most at risk children, TPS is designing a new model of primary education and primary care which braids together education, health, and family support services starting at birth. In doing so, the school will expand the traditional definition of “school” in order to prepare all children to succeed in college, career, and life. TPS was seeded by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a major national philanthropy.

TPS’s innovative new model of support has three defining characteristics:

  • Provide integrated and comprehensive services: The new school will partner with an existing health care organization. Educators and health care professionals will provide integrated academic and health (physical, mental, and socio-emotional) services to students and families.
  • Begin serving children at birth: The school will admit students at or before birth, and will provide early childhood supports alongside medical care during the critical years of child development, ensuring that students are school-ready by the time they enter the elementary school grades.
  • Offer two-generation supports: Families will receive services, including primary care and intensive parenting education, to help them better support their children and become healthier themselves.

We opened our first site in East Palo Alto in 2016 and will serve 300 children and their families (age 0 to 5) by spring of 2017.

In addition to our core focus on directly serving children and families, TPS is committed to designing a model that is replicable in other communities. We are investing in design, research, evaluation, and dissemination that will allow us to replicate our model and/or transfer our learnings to others.

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