Director of Assessment, Research, and Accountability for Federal Way Public Schools in Federal Way, WA

Director of Assessment, Research, and Accountability

Federal Way Public Schools - Federal Way, WA - Full time

Federal Way Public Schools - Federal Way, WA - Full time

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POSITION SUMMARY: This position plans and directs student assessment and accountability programs as defined by the District’s strategic plan; oversees and monitors the processes and procedures, guidelines and compliance issues; provides leadership and support to schools in analyzing academic performance data as well as professional development of data analysis and professional learning communities; manages the budget and recommends pertinent policies, regulations and procedures; plans, organizes and supervises K-12 assessment; seeks out and provides research to improve programming, district and school based professional practices; enables the District to continually improve its effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the educational needs of all students and in service of the District’s Theory of Action. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. This list is meant to be representative, not exhaustive. Some incumbents may not perform all the duties listed while in other cases related duties may also be assigned. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Selects appropriate statistical procedures to analyze results; maintains and reports accurate data for policy, accountability and instructional uses; conveys District statistical summaries for use in administrative decision-making.
  • Collaborates with administrators and school/building staff to communicate effectively with parents and members of the community; conducts on-going training on the State and District assessments and data interpretation for administrators, teachers and parents.
  • Coordinates school/building level formative assessment projects; constructs the assessment calendar both formative and summative;
  • Under the direction of the Superintendent and Chief Academic Officer, develop district-wide dashboards reflective of Strategic Plan measures of progress and Ends for multiple stakeholders including families, community members, staff, and the Board of Directors;
  • Maintains process for students’ progress monitoring; consults with administrators, principals and school/building staff to ensure services are appropriately addressed in school/building improvement plan; develops a process to evaluate the accomplishment of the District's strategic plan and the timely completion of action plans.
  • Works as an integral member of the central office to guide departments and schools in formulating and implementing school improvement plans in response to student achievement data.
  • Provides leadership in assessment selection and development consistent with Washington State Standards and Promotion Policies
  • Collaborates with all district office departments in the overall execution of the district's strategic plan and instructional program
  • Provides assessment resources consistent with FWPS developed curriculum guides and professional learning communities to staff and buildings in order to foster district academic consistency
  • Researches and communicates current knowledge about instructional and assessment programs, activities, and mechanisms in support of a guaranteed and viable curriculum and professional development
  • Designs and refines assessment plans, frameworks, and annual assessment calendar in collaboration key stakeholders
  • Collaborates with the Teaching for Learning Department to design and publishes common formative assessments in all content areas within curriculum guides
  • Coaches central office, principals, and school staff to ensure that common formative assessments are administered, scored, and used effectively as an essential part of PLCs
  • Coaches central office, principals, and school staff in using summative assessments to inform the SIP Plan
  • Develops protocols for various stakeholders to use assessment to guide instruction
  • Provides assessment assistance and assessment data analysis assistance to central office, principals, building leadership teams, and instructional coaches
  • Develop processes and surveys in support of our strategic plan
  • Develops and monitors measures of progress within the district strategic plan as well as provides oversight ensuring measures of progress data is accurately collected and monitored.
  • Develops various reports and presentations (e.g. Ends, Executive Limitations) as well as provides presentations of progress to the Board of Directors and District Cabinet/Leadership teams
  • Collaboratively plans and conducts workshops, coaching support, and other development programs to assist central office, principals, and school staff in conducting effective and meaningful assessment activities
  • Oversees the FWPS assessment department personnel and school testing coordinators
  • Oversees the district’s work with state agencies to insure proper distribution, tracking, and proctoring of assessments (if needed)
  • Maintain, analyze, and report on all aspects of electronic student records, including enrollment records, student demographics, transcripts and student performance, attendance, weapons and other discipline incidents, credits and assessment performance and program services.
  • Integrate data from various sources (e.g., Synergy, Baseline Edge, Tableau, assessment data files) to develop meaningful, accurate, and visually pleasing reports and reporting tools for a variety of audiences.
  • Design and develop compliance and administrative reports; perform complex data management functions and statistical analyses for internal and external reports and reporting tools.
  • Coordinate across all ESC departments to develop data reports, templates, and visuals that are aligned to the goals of the Strategic Plan in order to create common analytics across departments to monitor program effectiveness and impact.
  • Design, develop, and ensure proper implementation of processes and procedures for maintaining student records; ensure confidentiality and privacy of student information in compliance with FERPA; monitor accuracy and integrity of student records; authorize access to and distribution of student information; help develop and monitor data sharing agreements with outside agencies and contractors.
  • Support the data needs of all grants the district is awarded.
  • Provide technical assistance and expertise to Human Resources on measures of student growth used in teacher and principal evaluations.
  • Provide school buildings and principals with on-going (weekly, monthly) data pushes reflective of district-wide initiatives.
  • Oversees and maintains the administration of all District and state testing and assessment programs; designs and implements District-wide assessment; recommends policies regulations, and procedures designed to enhance District effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Analyzes, interprets, and communicates student assessment results to multiple audiences through various data visualizations and succinct summaries.


  • Maintains and updates knowledge and skills required for success in the position by participating in professional development activities as needed or as assigned.
  • Participates in appropriate state-level organizations to keep the District informed and prepared for teaching and assessment innovations as they emerge.Contacts with individuals outside the district may include, NWRDC, WERA, Educational Service District staff, OSPI and various vendors of products and services.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Superintendent.


Education and Experience

Master’s degree in Education or a related field

Additional Requirments

Three (3) years as a Principal or Assistant Principal

Five (5) years of increasingly responsible experience in some combination of educational research, program evaluation, assessment, psychometrics or closely related field in a public school system; OR any combination of experience and training which provides the applicant with the knowledge, skills, and ability required to perform the work.


Two (2) years as District level Administrator


Descriptive inferential statistics, measurement theory and practice, information systems and computer applications

Screening, diagnostic, formative and summative assessment development, practices and validation

Systems-thinking and adult learning theory

Organization and operation of public school systems

Educational applications of current technology

Effective staff development principles and practices

Current research, best practices, and effective instructional strategies

Effective supervisory principles and practices

ABILITY TO:Demonstrate skill in leadership at a school/building and/or District level

Demonstrate skill in facilitating group projects and presentations in front from stakeholders

Demonstrate skill in obtaining, clarifying and exchanging oral and written communication

Demonstrate skill in decision making and problem solvingProvide leadership to District staff at all levels

Perform statistical analyses of student achievement data

Develop and monitor budgetsSupervise effectively the work of assigned staff

Coordinate effective department operations

Coordinate activities and programs

Organize, prioritize and maintain effective follow-through procedures

Communicate technical terms to technical and non-technical people

Interact effectively with people in a variety of situations

Maintain confidentiality

Demonstrate reasonable, reliable and regular attendance

Establish and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of people in a multi-cultural, diverse socio-economic setting

Participate as part of a team


Knowledge/awareness of own cultural identity and how this influences behavior, and desire to learn about the cultural identity of others.

Ability to establish and nurture an environment that promotes cultural competence and equitable treatment of staff, students, and patrons of the District.

Ability to understand and hold self and others accountable for promoting the Federal Way Public Schools’ commitment to “Each Scholar: A Voice. A Dream. A Bright Future.” 

Ability to recognize that each person is a unique individual even as we celebrate their group cultural heritage.

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Apply for this job


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Federal Way Public Schools

Federal Way Public Schools Mission - In an environment of high expectations, high support, and no excuses, the staff of Federal Way Public Schools will continually learn, lead, utilize data, and collaborate to ensure our scholars have a voice, a dream, and a bright future.

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