Director, 9-12 Science Achievement

Achievement First - Multiple Locations - Full time

Start Date: July 1, 2022 or earlier

Team: Team Teaching & Learning

Location: Brooklyn, NY, New Haven, CT, or Providence, RI

Who are we? Achievement First (AF) exists to address the legacy of racism in education in America. Our mission is to deliver on the promise of equal educational opportunity for all of America’s children. That is what we work for every day. We know that all children—regardless of race, zip code, or economic status—deserve access to great schools. At the core of our approach is our shared journey by our students and staff to fulfill our incredible -potential.

Just the facts. Achievement First has consistently been rated one of the top charter school networks in the country, AND we are still learning and growing. AF is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that currently supports 41 public charter schools in New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The mission of AF is to deliver on the promise of equal educational opportunity for all children. We currently employ more than 2,000 staff -- 47% of whom identify as Black, Latinx, or Multi-racial -- who collectively educate more than 14,300 students in Brooklyn, NY; Providence, RI; and New Haven, Bridgeport, and Hartford, CT. More than 85% of our students qualify for free or reduced-priced lunch. Our students are proving what’s possible by achieving breakthrough results in terms of academic achievement and long-term college persistence.

Our focus and reach extend beyond the students and communities that we serve directly. Achievement First is an engaged and prominent partner in the broader education-reform movement, partnering with schools and networks from across the country and openly sharing all our resources with educators free of charge. We currently serve more than 100,000 additional students through two key partnership initiatives. Our Charter Network Accelerator is an intensive cohort-based training program for CMO leaders (with a focus on leaders of color) who are looking to increase the number of top-quality options available to parents across the country; and through our Navigator Program, we provide coaching and support for district and charter schools who want to adopt and adapt our curriculum and instructional practices to help students achieve breakthrough results.

Why work at Achievement First? First and foremost: you should work at AF if you believe in ourvalues and want to surround yourself with people who share them. We are committed to leading for racial equity. We approach our work with humility, humanity, and the recognition that both what we do and how we do it must model the equity we seek. We strive for excellence by setting a high bar in all areas and pursuing it relentlessly. We care about the whole person and are known to be as warm as we are demanding. We choose joy and actively seek out moments of humor, gratitude, and deeper purpose for ourselves and with each other. We know that we will go further together and intentionally choose to join forces on both big and small things. We name brutal facts, embrace challenge, and see our mistakes as opportunities to get better.

Finally, come to Achievement First if you want to help support schools that are striving to redefine what’s possible in education. We are obsessed with getting better and are working to create some of the best schools in the country - schools that support not just students’ academic success but also their social-emotional learning, identity development, independence as learners, passion/enrichment/extracurriculars, and life-long fulfillment. AND, at AF, we believe getting better starts with looking in the mirror. We have done a lot of that lately, as we have more aggressively confronted our own biases and unacceptable gaps in our student experience. We are committed to addressing inequity within our systems, culture, and practices and resolve to do the critical work needed to ensure equity for our scholars and staff. So, come to Achievement First if reflection, challenge, and growth feed your soul.

The Achievement First Science Program

The Achievement First high school science program aims for students to master Next Generation Science Standards, develop confidence in themselves as scientists, and find joy in persevering through challenging tasks to discover scientific insights and problem-solving strategies.

Our program is grounded in several core components:

-Core Instruction: Students grapple with scientific concepts to provide a strong foundation and conceptual understanding of grade level standards.

-Problem Solving: Students apply their learnings from core instruction to complex, multi-step, authentic real world tasks that push them to hone their problem solving skills and scientific practices.

-Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness: We also strive to ensure our curriculum, tools, resources, and student experiences are relevant, affirm student identity and foster a diverse array of perspectives.

Position Summary

The Director of 9-12 Science Achievement is an integral part of the science team that works with principals, academic deans, and teachers to craft and drive the vision behind an exemplary science program. We work closely with these cohorts to ensure they develop the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to navigate a changing landscape with the introduction of the Next Generation Science Standards through professional and curricular development, core skill building, classroom observations, and data analysis. This position offers the opportunity to be at the forefront of this instructional work at one of the nation’s top charter school networks.

Responsibilities of the Director of 9-12 Science will include, but are not limited to the following:

Science Program Management & Design: Lead and support the high school science team in continuing to build a robust program and curriculum

Manage Program Vision and Implementation

■Act as a thought partner to the network leadership teams to help synthesize the network vision for science instruction and contribute to the development of clear programmatic recommendations for school leaders.

■The HS Director of Science will lead the HS Team Teaching & Learning Science team and coach the Science Associate Achievement Director to meet outcomes and develop their program leadership.

Develop Curriculum

■Develop exemplary curricular materials that are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards

■Manage lead planners and consultants by providing formal and informal feedback on their materials. Specifically, these materials will include unit plans, assessments, and their accompanying lesson plans.

Analyze Data

■Deeply analyze student achievement data (student work samples, weekly quizzes, interim assessments, and state tests) to determine how to better develop materials and provide targeted, high quality teacher training.

Science Program Execution Support: Drive strong results in partnership with schools

Facilitate Professional Development

■With the high school science team, develop professional development sessions that support vision setting for the science program, implementation of the curriculum, and growth of core skills and knowledge.

Coaching and Observations

■Conduct focused observations to push content-specific instructional practices, improve implementation of curriculum, gather information on best practices, and pilot new projects.

■Develop the instructional eye of deans and principals through focused co-observations and feedback.

Coordinate Core Science Program Systems

■Coordinate school leaders, deans, and teachers in maintaining quality control of core systems integral to teaching and learning, such as process-based assessment, data collection, etc.

Depending on COVID Response needs, potentially support schools more directly at times (e.g., teaching)

Skills and Characteristics

Curricular and Programmatic Vision:Has in-depth content and pedagogical expertise in science

Brings an Equity Lens to the Core Work: Consistently ensures that the Leading for Racial Equity lens will be a required, explicit part of priority planning, goal-setting, professional development planning, and progress monitoring for school leaders and network leaders

Practices Self-Awareness: Consistently reflects on “How am I positioned (relative to privilege and/or oppression) in all aspects of my identities (e.g. race, class, gender, language)? How might these identities impact people and our process?”

Focuses on Relational Trust and Human Values:Notices and actively repairs broken trust/relationships; notices and addresses patterns of exclusion in meetings and 1:1 interactions; holds time to address and lean into difficult conversations.

Designs with not for: Actively looks for and insists on decision-making that requires us to listen, learn, and co-create with the people most impacted by work/decisions.

Utilizes a Growth Mindset: Consistently identifies and addresses gaps in previous mindsets/skills and perceives the strength and performance of others through a growth mindset. Actively seeks feedback to improve and demonstrates growth in response to feedback.

Employs Strategic Thinking: Utilizes multiple perspectives and data points to drive to a clear understanding of the current state relative to organizational goals and best practices and pushes for deeper understandings of how and why this came to be. Sets clear, obtainable, and timely goals which move work and the program forward and proactively plans how to involve and invest others in those goals.

Analyzes and Responds to Data: Accurately identifies strengths and gaps based on existing data, considers additional information which may/may not be included in the dataset and provides specific insights based upon multiple data points.

Educational Background and Work Experience

●A bachelor’s degree

●A proven, multi-year track record of exemplary science achievement, especially the achievement of low-income, minority students

○Four or more years of highly successful science teaching experience OR a minimum of two years of science teaching experience with exceptional results if there is relevant prior work experience.

○Two or more years of highly successful teaching experience in a school serving primarily low-income students.

●At least two years of experience coaching teachers or school leaders is preferred.

Occasional weekend or evening work and travel within New York, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are required.


Salary for this position is competitive and commensurate with experience. For NYC Metro Area based employees the salary range is $99,600 to $105,800. For CT, RI, and remote employees, the salary range is $88,700 to $94,200. Achievement First also offers a comprehensive benefits package.

Application Instructions:

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Achievement First is an equal opportunity employer and an organization that values diversity. People from all diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. Spanish language proficiency is a plus. You can learn more about diversity at Achievement First here:

Achievement First is an Equal Opportunity Employer Achievement First requires vaccination against COVID-19 for all employees. Reasonable accommodations based on a qualifying disability or sincerely held religious belief are being considered in accordance with applicable law. Click here to read our full policy.

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