Director, Research & Strategic Learning

Classroom Inc. - New York, NY - Full time

Reporting to Classroom, Inc.’s president, the Director, Research & Strategic Learning will conduct and oversee research and analysis to drive organizational learning and assess the impact that Classroom, Inc. programs have on the teachers and students that use them.


The Director, Research & Strategic Learning will design a program of research that uses our online learning game analytics, embedded assessments, standardized tests, surveys, and other data to inform game development and to yield reliable and valid student outcomes data for a variety of audiences and purposes.

The Director will develop a program of research that identifies, defines, and includes strategies for collecting and analyzing data to assess a variety of cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes appropriate to Classroom, Inc.’s program.

The Director will determine the feasibility of and plan for a study to assess the cognitive and non-cognitive student outcomes as a result of Classroom, Inc.’s program, using rigorous research methodology and external research partners, as needed.

The Director conducts ongoing product efficacy research and user experience studies and will analyze quantitative and qualitative data collected from students and teacher users of CI programs, identifying implications for CI and its funders and school partners.


The Director plays a critical advisory role on assessment issues bringing expertise in research design, psychometric characteristics and properties of game assessment to enable reliable and valid interpretations of student learning outcomes.

The Director will advise CI’s Product Development team on the fidelity and efficacy of the online game’s embedded assessments, e.g., by analyzing data from the game’s adaptive learning paths. The Director will advise on the game’s teacher and student dashboards and back-end database that will provide the data to inform instruction, enhance student learning, improve the product, and assure quality control. The Director will be an in-house expert on assessing student performance and progress on the CCSS, consistent with the work of the national CCSS Assessment consortia, the Partnership for Assessment and Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC), Smarter Balanced Assessments, and other organizations as appropriate.

Key to this position is the ability to communicate a variety of research findings in a credible, clear and compelling way to diverse internal and external audiences. The Director works closely with the Director of Marketing & Communications and the Director of Development to ensure that Classroom, Inc.’s research findings are presented in a variety of forms appropriate to various external audiences (e.g., donors, potential and current partners, the broader educational community), and collaborates closely with and communicates routinely and effectively with CI’s President and all senior colleagues.

External Relations

The Director will maintain relationships with and convene a National Advisory Council of experts in education, game design, research and evaluation to help CI to develop high quality products and be informed by the latest research supporting effective implementation strategies.

The Director will be a thought leader in the educational technology and gaming communities, and share learnings from CI at conferences and convenings regularly.


  • Collaborate with Chief Program Officer and Vice President of Digital Strategy to implement a research agenda for assessing both cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes of our programs, including ongoing data analyses for product improvement, and analysis of usage and learning outcomes data for a variety of purposes and audiences.
  • Determine the feasibility of, plan for, and conduct a rigorous program of research to validly assess the cognitive and non-cognitive student outcomes of Classroom, Inc.’s program, using rigorous research methodology and external research partners, as needed.
  • Work with the Digital Strategy and Professional Learning & School Support teams as well as other CI staff to plan for, collect, analyze and interpret user experience and embedded assessment data, during product development, pilot testing, and throughout widespread usage. Share user insights to inform usability testing and feature validation with the Digital Strategy team.
  • Assure systems are in place to collect a range of student learning data for multiple purposes, e.g., personalizing instruction, providing regular assessment data to teachers and students for instructional purposes, providing regular feedback to product development, and facilitating a variety of program evaluations to inform various CI constituencies.
  • Working with Director of Production to ensure that CI’s meet appropriate federal/ local student privacy and confidentiality requirements for online programs as these requirements emerge, and that CI meets district Institutional Review Board (IRB) requirements, as needed.
  • Collect data on teacher professional development related to our programs for both formative and outcomes purposes, selecting and using strategies such as feedback after trainings or online workshops; self-reports on learning; and analytics to track use of teacher features, especially the dashboard.
  • Disseminate research results in a variety of forms appropriate to various audiences (e.g., donors, potential and current partners, the broader educational community), and in a variety of formats (e.g., print materials, CI’s Web site including Facebook and Twitter, refereed journal articles, and conference presentations). Help to increase CI’s visibility and build its reputation in online learning games assessment.

Minimum Qualifications

A Master’s Degree (preferably a Ph.D.) in educational research or a related field with significant experience in planning, conducting, and disseminating research related to online learning games. Must have experience with assessment of K-12 learning and educational games, psychometrics, and strong data analytic skills. Strongly prefer candidate with experience and/or interest in embedded assessment, statistics, learning games, literacy, CCSS in reading, and public school educational systems. Ideally, candidate has experience with adolescent students with greatest academic needs, and a commitment to helping close the achievement gap through use of technology and the world of work. Must be used to and enjoy working in a fast-paced and team-based working environment, and be able to effectively communicate research findings to diverse audiences.

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Experience Level

6 to 10 years

Classroom Inc.

Founded in 1991, Classroom, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization whose mission is to help students in high-poverty communities build literacy and leadership skills. By developing digital learning games and curricula set in the professional world, and supporting teachers in creating student-centered classrooms, the organization invites students to take charge of their learning. Funded by two Gates Foundation grants and support from foundations and individual donors, Classroom Inc.’s cutting edge game-based curriculum addresses the call for engaging, rigorous literacy programs designed to the Common Core State Standards. They are used in school, extended day, after school, and summer school environments in 110 schools in 16 cities.

Classroom, Inc. has a $5 million budget, recently completed an $8 million growth capital campaign, and is entering its 25th Anniversary year in 2017. Learn more about Classroom Inc. and this exciting moment in its history at

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