Customer Success Team Lead

Front Row Education - San Francisco, CA - Full time

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What you tell your friends you do

"Teachers have it hard - they get insufficient support from their districts and have 30 kids in a class all at different levels, making it impossible to really reach them. I get them incredible technology and curriculum so they can actually do what they got into teaching to do - guide students through their journey of learning."

The Role

It's an amazing opportunity to join a growing company with a fantastic customer base! You'll work with the Director of Sales to create an amazing customer experience to ensure they continue to love us. We have a small Customer Success team right now and we are looking for someone to be a player/coach to start to come up with the best strategy moving forward. Your ideas and innovation will help form the foundation of what this team will look like in the future. You'll have the chance to bring adaptive learning to schools and districts, and to talk to curriculum directors and school leaders about the power of Front Row's tools.

Your first week you'll do things like:

  • Attend customer call, webinars, trainings and customer check ins with CS and Sales staff to understand what our process looks like
  • Talk to teachers and principals about how they use technology in their schools, and what their goals are
  • Learn the ins and outs of the product so you will be able to train teachers

Your first quarter you'll do things like:

  • Talk to hundreds of teachers and school leaders, and share your passion for math and language arts education with them
  • Learn about how individual schools run, and what their goals are
  • Begin training teachers on how to get the best use of Front Row in the classroom
  • Help school leaders see how Front Row can help them make sure their students get the best math and language arts education
  • Handle 1:1's with the team and help develop them
  • Start implementing new ideas and practices to create the perfect experience for our customers
  • Create the foundation and the processes for how our team should look like in the future

Your first year you'll do things like:

  • Develop strong relationships and ensure our renewal rate is higher than ever
  • Conduct consistent trainings virtually and in person on Front Row to make sure all teachers are aware of the benefits
  • Help build a fantastic Customer Success Team
  • Grow and develop the structure around how Customer Success will look in the future
  • Understand and dive into schools to determine their goals with the help of their districts, and how they allocate funding
  • Ensure every teacher has a great customer experience utilizing Front Row so they will continue to use it in the future

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Customer Implementation / Customer Success

Experience Level

Mid Level

Front Row Education

About Us

Front Row's mission is to ensure every child get a world class education, and today, Front Row reaches 5 million students across 35% of American schools. We work with hundreds of thousands of teachers across the world to help them reach all of their students at their levels, so every student grows. We also help them engage their students with relevant, interesting, and effective curriculum.

Teachers all around the world continue to face the same problem they have for a century: they have 30+ students in their class of varying ability who all learn at their own pace, and no real way to reach them all. This is the problem Front Row solves: we make software and content that makes it easy for teachers to reach all their students at their level without spending all their time making content or grading. In a Front Row classroom, teachers focus on helping individual and small groups of students succeed rather than spending their time making and grading worksheets.

Front Row is a Series A funded team of 34, and is well on its way to profitability.

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