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Castle Point Learning Systems, LLC - Remote - Part time

Castle Point Learning Systems, LLC - Remote - Part time

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Roles and Responsibilities

We are seeking highly motivated individuals to join our team as Customer Service Agents— providing guidance, support and assistance concerning the functionality and usability of the platform to Gradarius users at participating pilot institutions.

The successful candidate must have completed at least four semesters of Calculus, be a proficient communicator—verbally and electronically—and have a basic understanding of features and functionality of online customer support technologies. Experience working with Math-based online learning technology and digital content solutions is a plus. This position requires ownership of and proficiency working on a computer, reliable access to the internet and ability to occasionally work hours between 8 pm and 11:00 pm. This is a part-time position requiring availability between 15 and 20 hours a week.

Job Description

*   Interact directly with Gradarius users answering questions—verbally and electronically—concerning the Gradarius platform’s functionality and its assessment of proposed solutions to Calculus problems.

*   Answer questions in a pleasant and efficient manner, treating even the most disgruntled customer with calmness and respect. He/She must identify the issues as quickly as possible, offering an appropriate resolution that satisfies the customer and is in compliance with company best practices.

*   Organize user feedback as prescribed by management and provide data entry feedback into the Gradarius knowledge database.

*   Meet issue processing goals as assigned by management.

*   Commit to adherence of assigned work hours.

*   The ability to assess and understand questions and describe with clarity the company's prescribed resolution path.

*   Be a quick learner who can develop a working knowledge the features and functionality of the Gradarius online Customer Service platform.

*   Be a self-motivator who embraces the concept of working remotely without direct supervision.

*   Work with Sales and Marketing on the demonstration of Gradarius to potential customers.

*   Capable of multitasking.

Education and Experience

The Gradarius Customer Support Agent must have completed four semesters of Calculus and have working knowledge of Calculus, including:

1.    Functions

2.    Limits

3.    Continuity/Discontinuity

4.    Intermediate value theorem

5.    Definition of the derivative, differentiability

6.    Derivative of functions such as polynomials, exponentials, trigonometric         functions.

7.    Rules of derivatives: Product, quotient and chain rule

8.    Derivatives of inverse functions such as logarithm, inverse, trigonometic         functions.

9.    First derivative and second derivative tests

10.  Curve sketching

11.  Global maxima and minima, optimization

12.  Linear approximation

13.  Measuring distance, definite integral

14.  Antiderivatives

15.  First fundamental theorem, second fundamental theorem of Calculus

16.  Integration methods: Substitution/integration by parts, partial fractions,           trig substitutions

17.  L’Hopital’s rule

18.  Improper integrals

19.  Applications of integrals to geometry: volumes of revolutions

20.  Applications of integrals to physics: work problems

Additional knowledge of the following is beneficial:

1.    Taylor series

2.    Lagrange error bound

3.    Infinite series, such as geometric series, p-series, harmonic series

4.    Convergence tests: integral test, p-series test,comparison test, limit                 comparison test, ratio test

5.    Power series, radius of convergence

6.    Vectors

7.    Dot product, equations of planes and projection

8.    Cross product and its applications

9.    Parametric curves

10.  Polar coordinates, polar curves

11.  Motion in 3 space, arc length

12.  Partial derivatives

13.  Local Linearity, tangent plane, differentials

14.  Gradient, directional derivatives

15.  Chain rule and implicit differentiation

16.  Higher order derivatives, taylor polynomials

17.  Local extrema, characterizing critical points

18.  Optimization, global extrema

19.  Constrained optimization, Lagrange multipliers

20.  The definite integral for functions of two variables

21.  Iterated integrals, iterated integrals in polar coordinates

22.  Applications to probability

Prior experience with the Gradarius Calculus Learning Platform, online learning systems and/or online customer service platforms is a plus. Having an advanced degree in Calculus or participating in a Calculus related graduate program is also a plus.

Job Type: Contract

Required Education: Bachelor’s degree

Required Experience: 2 or more years of customer service experience.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your cover letter and CV.

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Customer Implementation / Customer Success

Experience Level

Mid Level

Castle Point Learning Systems, LLC

Castle Point Learning Systems, LLC (CPLS) is the developer of Gradarius™—the world’s first Stepwise Calculus Learning Platform.

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