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How can we foster a sense of community among Citizen Math educators?


Founded in 2009, Citizen Math develops real-world math lessons for middle and high school classrooms. Lessons explore a range of topics, from the thought-provoking (“Should people with small feet pay less for shoes?”) to the societally important (“Should the federal government increase the minimum wage?”). Unlike traditional resources that exist to help students learn math, Citizen Math exists to help students use math to think critically about the world.

Citizen Math is guided by a simple belief: a functional democracy depends on citizens who can think logically about the challenges they face, and that math teachers are the ideal people to incubate a more rational and respectful society. We are committed to providing educators with the highest-quality instructional resources to help them realize their full potential and to transform the math classroom into a forum for students' most memorable conversations.


Are you a natural people-person who thrives on bringing people together and fostering a community of shared purpose? Is your brain continuously turning with creative ways to support teachers, connect them to one another, and tell stories that expand people's imaginations about what's possible in math class? Do you enjoy working on a small team, and are you equally comfortable collaborating openly and working independently? Would your colleagues describe you as a self-starter who communicates clearly, thinks strategically, has an artist's attention to detail, and rolls up their sleeves to get stuff done?

Citizen Math is hiring a Community Engagement Manager. You will work closely with the CEO and Director of Professional Learning to manage and grow a just-launched online community for Citizen Math educators. You will create resources and organize events that help Citizen Math support teachers and – more importantly – that allow teachers to connect with and learn from one another. While you will be Citizen Math's primary voice in the online community, you will also recruit and support a cohort of Community Ambassadors to act as peer leaders in the community (and eventually represent Citizen Math at conferences, workshops, and other in-person convenings). One of our top priorities is to showcase the powerful work that our teachers are doing in their classrooms and communities. You will work with videographers, editors, and others to create "teacher hero stories," which you will disseminate via social media and other channels.

Since our founding, Citizen Math has focused almost entirely on developing the best real-world lessons for teachers around the world. Now we're ready to bring teachers together and unlock the power of our community. As the Community Engagement Manager, you will be both a fosterer of community for and an energetic champion of the great teachers who use Citizen Math.


Citizen Math is the focus of a 5-year innovation and research grant from the U.S. Department of Education. Much of the work you'll do will be in the context of this project. The essential work of this position will be to:

Create content for and manage an online community to support educators in using Citizen Math lessons (~50% of time)

In Fall 2022, Citizen Math launched a new online community for teachers and administrators; the community is hosted on the Mighty Networks platform and is currently limited to a select cohort of pilot educators. You will create and manage a long-term content plan aligned to the community’s goals, then you will create content and experiences throughout the school year that help educators collaborate with and learn from one another. This will include creating daily posts, writing longer-form articles and blog posts, engaging community members/teachers to share their stories, organizing group planning sessions, and coordinating virtual "office hours" with Citizen Math staff.

Recruit, engage, and support a team of Citizen Math Ambassadors (~20% of time)

While some educators are new to Citizen Math, others have been using our lessons for years and have developed strategies and mindsets for how to succeed. You will identify, recruit, and support a group of experienced Citizen Math educators to act as ambassadors in the online community. In collaboration with the CEO, you will establish the goals of the ambassadorship, then create opportunities for ambassadors to engage with and inspire other educators in the community.

Develop a storytelling campaign to highlight the impact of Citizen Math teachers (~20% of time)

Teachers who use Citizen Math lessons create learning experiences for their students that go beyond what has historically defined math class. You will develop a campaign to showcase these teachers and the impact they're having in their classrooms and beyond. You will identify compelling "teacher heroes," work with them to refine their stories, and work with external partners (e.g. schools, video production firms, PR agencies, etc.) to gather and disseminate their stories.

Manage Citizen Math's social media presence; respond to user inquiries (~10% of time)

As the Community Engagement Manager, you will be the first person that many people interact with. You will manage Citizen Math's social media accounts and will proactively seek opportunities to generate excitement about the benefits of real-world math. You will also respond to emails, customer service inquiries, and other inbound forms of communication.

Contribute ideas and energy to the team (100% of time)

Citizen Math is a small team, and you'll be a key member of it. As a thoughtful colleague, you'll offer (and accept) constructive feedback and will always be on the lookout for ways we can improve as an organization and better support educators, students, and society. And specifically, you’ll contribute your “community building” perspective and expertise to work others are leading.


• 3+ years working in K-12 education, preferably as a middle or high school math teacher;

• Experience fostering and managing a community of people you don't know personally (i.e. larger than a department meeting or building-based PD). This need not be specific to education, but it should include an understanding of how to engage adult learners, including in an online forum;

• Experience creating multimedia content. While you are not expected to have mastery-level experience with technologies like Photoshop, Final Cut, etc., you should have some fluency with image and video editing;

• Excellent written communication, including for an external/public audience;

• Meticulous attention to detail, both grammatical and visual;

• Creative use of social media, including Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok;

• Experience managing a project from inception to release, including coordinating with external partners;

• Enthusiastic, optimistic, and unflappable demeanor;

• Comfort working in a remote, non-hierarchical environment with minimal oversight; instead of seeking direction, you should feel comfortable setting your own course and inviting others into the process as needed;

• Strong analytical skills, including the ability to pro/con various options, consider multiple perspectives, evaluate success, and course-correct as needed.


Diverse life experiences bring valuable perspective to a small team. None of these is required or even a core component of this role, but any one of these experiences is likely to bring valuable insight to your work at Citizen Math. If you have other experiences you think would bring a unique perspective, we would love to hear about those, too.

• Community organizing, e.g. managing a political or issue-driven campaign;

• Event planningVideo production, including storyboarding, filming, and editingPhotography and photo editing;

• Graphic design;

• Customer service;

• Branding and marketing;

• Recruitment;

• Familiarity with psychology principles related to motivation, learning, and belonging.


Position: Full-time

Salary: $60,000 - $75,000, depending on experience

Benefits: health insurance stipend

Location: in order to visit schools during the pilot and study years, candidates must live in the continental United States

Vacation: flexible, but Citizen Math team members are encouraged to take at least three weeks of paid vacation each year

Travel: minimal

Target Start Date: March 2023


If you think we'd be a good fit for you (and if you think you'd be a good fit for us), please visit and take a look around. Once you've familiarized yourself with what we do, please click the link at the end of this page to access the application form.

Note: In addition to your résumé, the application will ask for your thoughts on the following questions. Since the application form cannot be saved or edited, please compose your responses before accessing the application.

1. We'd like to learn a bit about how you approach your work. Please describe a project -- preferably one that was heavy on content creation -- that you were responsible for from inception to release. How did you approach the process? What lessons did you learn, and is there anything that you would you do differently? (max. 500 words)

2. What is a community (online or offline) that you're part of that you'd describe as "thriving" and what are some of the criteria or features that define a vibrant community? How do the choices and actions of a community manager/leader contribute to this community's vibrancy? (max. 500 words)

3. Imagine someone sends the following tweet to @citizen_math: "You have lessons on homelessness and climate change?? What kind of indoctrination is this?!?! Kids should stick to the basics!" What is the first tweet that you would write in response?

4. (optional) Link to a creative project that you've developed, e.g. a video series, a blog or article, photo portfolio, etc.

5. (optional) Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

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Citizen Math

Citizen Math develops real-world math lessons for middle and high school classrooms. We believe that a functional democracy depends on citizens who can think logically about the challenges we face and that math teachers are the ideal people to incubate a more rational and respectful society.
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